Jl. Taman Indah 1, Kalideres, Jakarta Barat

A shop with masculine design that gives a strong and bold impression

Senayan CIty Mall   |   6 Photos

Walk in closet with modern and multifunctional concept, with some touch of metal material gives the impression of luxury

Petojo Utara   |   3 Photos

A house with simple and modern design, which is dominated by the use of wood and white

Petojo Utara   |   7 Photos

Apartment with modern concept, supported with compact design, so it can provide many activities in one room

Bandung   |   10 Photos

A restaurant with a simple concept with the main green color, which is combined with an analogous color that is yellow, giving the impression of a comfortable space and increasing appetite.

DKI Jakarta   |   4 Photos

The Forum is a space that can be used for certain forum events. With a modern concept combined with Betawi culture gives the impression of an elegant and unique space.

Lippo Mall Puri   |   6 Photos

Small studio apartment, with many activities. Using the concept of compact design with modern style to give the impression of a clean room

Sudirman Suite   |   4 Photos