Yannah C Wijaya


A small renovation and addition of private pool with a small bathroom and diesel machine room at a small and steep backyard of an existing house. Everything is straightforward since the owner knows what they want and the area doesn't leave much room to wiggle. 


PIK   |   7 Photos

A new landed corner house that use feng shui as a guidance to draw the floor plan but built in American Classic way. It is a challenge to design with contradicting ways and small site area (reduced more on two sides by building setback line / garis sempadan) with a lot of requirements to accomodate.

Ancol   |   5 Photos

A full renovation and addition of an existing colonial house to a modern tropical home for weekend house. 

The owner wants a modern, open, light, and spacious house that will last over time and yet, homey and green.

Klojen   |   2 Photos