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Overlooking to Gunung Salak, Citapen Villa site beautifully at the upper hills  of Citapen area in Bandung, West Java. The villa is taken place at unused land which is surrounded by hectares of family-owned farms. Taking the advantage of cooler climate, the villa adopts tropical architecture typologies by maximizing windows to allow maximum cross ventilation and long deep verandah to protect from direct sun and occasional rains. The building mass consists of several floor levels that adapts from local terrain contour to reduce cut and fill. Local materials are used to ensure sustain developments.

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Situated in the established city of metro Pekanbaru, the expansive site will be transformed into a dramatic residential for two families. A father and a son. It’s designed to withstand harsh tropical climate, however is offset by the expression of finely considered detail and proportion. Bold materials wrap all over the exterior walls to evoke a sense of plain opulence. A new concrete canopy will celebrate every visitors through a delicate driveway from the main gate. The communal garden between the two blocks will greet and path the way to each house entrance. The house layout is straightforward and each dwelling have their own independent service area.

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