WAI Architects

Season City Apartment, Tower A Lt. 26 BH

Containing American, Modern, Minimalism and Tropical Style into one single project. The house is renovated become a very soft yet strong building.

PIK   |   5 Photos

Industrial Minimalism house, most of the house feature are using bare material.

Joglo   |   1 Photos

Interior Design at Sunter Icon Apartment

Sunter   |   3 Photos

Interior Design for Mrs. Y at Residence One

BSD City   |   6 Photos

The Garten is a showroom for Bridal Dress, Task was to renovate the living room of the owner resident to become the showroom. The room is a soft classic, we put a lot of pleasent touch into the design by using a lot of curtains, soft colour, and curve objects. 

Grogol   |   3 Photos

All White Design for TOTO Bravacasa Booth, White is a fundamental color for kitchen, white bring out cleanness and Hygienic ambiance. Booth were to design to look soft and soothing. 

Ritz Carlton Grand Ballroom   |   11 Photos

Kitchen Design to refurbish the old apartment, Design were to make the kitchen looks and feels warm.

Kelapa Gading   |   3 Photos

Design for Boarding House (Kost) at Pluit for medical student who want to stay near their university.

Pluit   |   4 Photos

Interior Design for Brooklyn Apartment Studio room. We like design to be visually powerful, Intellectually, Elegant , and above all timeless.

Alam Sutera   |   5 Photos

A Refurbish Project at FX Residence Apartment which located at Sudirman Street, Jakarta.
The Project is a step by step renovation, start from the reception area. 
Request is only to make the lobby look more luxurious with a timeless design.

Sudirman Street   |   3 Photos

Renovating part of the reception area for marketing purpose. Good and Luxury design definitely will boost marketing sales.

Serpong   |   3 Photos

Perfect Kitchen Design for the family and unique style of house layout

Lippo Cikarang   |   2 Photos

Interior Project for young married couple, Which focus most of their budget into bedroom. Request to make it feel like hotel room.

Citrus Garden   |   8 Photos