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Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 351, Kebayoran Lama Utara, Jakarta Selatan

 Located in residential area in West Jakarta, basically the building is not supposed to be created “pompous”, “arrogant” and impressed the enormous weight. Asking and persuading the client about the truly needs is one of solution. With clients who are enthusiastic and helped by the intens communication, the value of understanding the need of space is fulfilled. Since breaking down the building into several main masses was not enough to prevent the building to be impressed pompous, we use horizontal clear lines to break the scale. 

A home with the warmth of family relationships is the essence of thinking in this 1800 sqm dwelling set. The challenge of designing a spacious dwelling is how to make the family members who live it always feel close and comfortable. This is a special concept that we offer as an architect through design solutions. This residence becomes special because it is not visible directly from the outside, hidden among the thick dense trees. A different character from the location of this home environment and make it charming green spaces. We utilize an area of 1500 sqm to build three building masses consisting of 3 floors and 1basement, 2 living rooms, dining room, 2 pantry, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms / powder rooms, work spaces, children room, roof terrace, swimming pool, 3 decorative fountains, 200sqm vertical garden and koi fish pond. 

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Although situated in a dense urban area, a house still has to be a comfortable nest, protecting occupants, make everyone feel closer in harmony, and most importantly, a sense of ‘at home’ in the house, so that every occupant spends every second of their precious time to be with family at home in the midst of urban activity.

In response of the characters above, split level was used as a design solution to create the impression of widespread room, added with natural touch such as fish pond and greenwall on the main staircase.

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Buletin house was a renovation project with 215 sqm site area, located at East part of Jakarta. The owner is a middle-aged mother with two sons working as a lecturer. The concept departs from her desire to own a house which can act as a rendezvous point for every family members despite having their own places to live. We gets hold to this interaction quality, hoping to capture and express it into architectural living space.

Thus we add a “pavilion box”, sheltering two guest rooms that are reserved for the owner’s both sons, which penetrates through the volume of an existing building that accommodates private spaces required by the owner.

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The office building has 4 floors, namely: Basement, Ground floor, Upper Deck floor and floor with an area of 2500 m2 has combination of concrete and steel building structures. Building materials are almost all covered by brick paste to give the impression of a warm. The use of wood provides a touch of natural elements and harmony with nature.

Part basement as if a stage for 2 pieces of mass beam on it. Both the mass of the beam that serves as a work space and lounge are placed parallel, elongated in the direction of the axis of the West – East. One of the beams somehow looks lighty and floating on the water with columns and steel structures that sustain them. Designed an open plaza area, there is a reflecting pool and a invisible meeting room.

Circulation into the ground floor lobby designed half open on the side of the elongated basement. Occupants are invited to enjoy the natural atmosphere circulation formed by the waterfall and cliffs – Bronjol Kodok Stone arranged diagonally. Even surrounded by natural atmosphere, the occupants will not be drenced in the rain because of the glass roof along the circulation which divides the pond.

The main circulation inside the building is atrium with skylights as the roof, atrium flanked by two mass beam. Stairs terrace and ground floor lobby area surrounded by glass-roofed wooden pergola. Vertical Garden System with 2 storeys height with steel structures arranged along one side of the atrium, so that occupants feel the ambiguity between interior and exterior.

The existence of the plaza and reflecting pool, also oblique pool with trees penetrate it aims to form a beautiful office setting, created a flexible and comfortable feeling to work, according to the client’s expectations. At some point the pool area designed perforated so that existing trees can be managed.

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Local Demographic is exotic nature that can not be denied. Sensitive to the natural condition is the decisive element towards creating a comfortable residence. Rather than fight it, Wahana Cipta Selaras engaged particular demographic character of Pecatu, which is consisted of rocky soil, hilly contours with less fertile land for plants and sea view which gives satisfying scenery at the horizon. Villa Pecatu Bali is the authentic proof that nature does not need to be reconstructed for residential framing, but it becomes the equivalent of calligraphy that is second to none when synergized with architecture.

Balinese architecture building identical to the compound mass, rooms that is separate and fragmented, but still in the same land area. The rooms were designed open-air and dispersed by function, maximize the presence of large tracts of land. The needs of rooms with all sorts of activities, such as work space, jacuzzi, longue, and pool billiards are fulfilled. It was not different from the psychological approach to the residents who want a villa with a multi-purpose, both as a gate-away vacation or business jobs. Workaholic character with a strong professional business makes Wahana Cipta Selaras combines elements of formality in the form of a solid room, wood and stone, but the less using of walls gives the impression of freedom. Personal impression has been fulfilled because of the selection of building form that resembles to the “C” letter, facing directly into the hills and beaches of South Bali.

This architecture resulted of sensitivity to nature and the environment ‘framework’ has been an indispensable factor to build a modern and luxurious villa, but its natural side translates to the real nature of matter through the base ingredients. A combination of architecture, people and culture, assisted by the hands of nature that presents a compelling panorama is the element that makes the timeless design of this building is not eroded at the same time and creates warmness.

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Just as urban lifestyles, urban residential concept is also often centered on the activities of its occupants. This concept is applied to the three-story residence located in the west of Jakarta. Alam Sutera is located in an area with a managed environment that is structured beautifully and moderate, Wahana Cipta Selaras used this benefit and added value to the landscape and the open spaces, not to eliminate or even destroy the iconic mission in order to strive to be “different”.

The selected design was a design that creates a communication between the inside and outside of the building. Mass of the building blend with the outside through openings that are not too big, take advantage to views the landscape.

From the front view, the mass of a building that reflects the modernity of the box looks like jutting out from roof at the back. It also creates the illusion, as if there are two building masses, thus giving the impression of the overall architecture. While tropical style design looks ranging from the number of openings for natural lighting and air circulation, application of wood and natural stone materials are dominant, and the reflecting pool and the vertical water-feature serves as an imaginary boundary between the inside of the house with the landscape beyond. Layout of the house is simply designed, divided into three zones that are arranged vertically according to the respective of each functions. The top floor is the private zone containing bedrooms, while the second floor is a semi-private zone that serves as a learning and playing area, and the ground floor is a public zone where the dining room, family room and kitchen presented. A mezzanine floor is also inserted between the ground floor with the second floor. The floating floor is made as a function of the transition between the second floor and to accommodate the occupant activity which sometimes gathered in this area.

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Adaptive, natural, green, but doesn’t leave the potential of modernity in every detail, that’s the impression attached to the house which is located in Cipete. Created by relying on natural elements such as walls made of wood-waste reuse processed which drags every attention into it, also the creation of a unique private garden which is only accessible from each room to give the impression that the house is very appreciate and close to nature. Wahana Cipta Selaras generously created the occupants’ dreaming home that is designed to represents the nature, creating the impression of a comfortable resort to live on all the time.

Characteristics of residents who love nature, like exercise, warm and happy family socializing significantly represented in every detail. Impression of openess can directly felt since the beginning of entering the home.

The living room is arranged like a terrace, deconstructing the idea that ‘the inside’ of a house always in insulated wall. Family room between by two gardens on the right and left, the corridor that connects the dispersed rooms, the master bedroom is beside the swimming pool, as the token of appreciation to the coupleso they can enjoy the natural atmosphere since they fall asleep until they wake up in the morning. Plants are designed with the method of the vertical garden at the kitchen window presents a fun cooking experience. And the center of activity is in the family room, featuring a walls made of wood-waste reuse processed, this is where the whole family do the activities, watching TV together, with unseparated dining room and kitchen to strengthen the interaction between family members.

Even in urban land that is related to hot weather, this house was so cool because the use of glass walls that offer the scenery of garden and skylights lines, save the use of electricity for air circulation and light, also gives a touch of harmony. Holidays and weekends are not spent outside the house, because there’s nothing more comfortable than the feeling spending the time at home with family.

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