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Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara XI no. 676 Grogol, Jakarta

Asera One East is a cluster of 200+ houses located in the growing residential development of Kota
Harapan Indah, Bekasi, on the outskirt of Jakarta. The aim for the project is to create a new
typology of housing for the young family market. There are three types of houses ranging from 250
square meter to 350 square meter, each uniquely designed to cater the growing demand, needs and
lifestyle of the young family.
The small-size house is designed with a home office room on the ground level equipped with service
kitchen, bedroom and carport so they can be use and function separately from the upper level. To
maintain the user privacy, a separate stair case leading to the second floor is located on the
exterior. The upper level has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, spacious living room, dining and
The medium-size house is designed with a garage and a home office which can be turned into an
extra guest bedroom. The living and dining room have a high ceiling with cross air ventilation and
sun shading. The large-size house has both benefits of the small and medium-size with enough
privacy, garden and reflecting pool.

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Kayu-Kayu is a restaurant and venue space created for family gathering, corporate events and
hangout place. This particular group of clients comes from various backgrounds; a wood craftsman,
a furniture maker and a garment artisan. We found this to be extremely intriguing to include these
clients characters into the design process from the beginning.
The facade is inspired by the variety of wood logs from the clients warehouse. These heavy logs are
being displayed 4 meters above ground, hanging from a steel rod to give a lightness effect as
customers walk underneath them as they enter the building.
The open floor plans are organized by a structural grid of 6 meters with a void in the middle for
vertical circulation with operable skylight above. The double spiral staircase is wrapping around a
giant Alstonia tree with koi fishpond below. The first floor is mainly use for restaurant and cafe
while the second floor is focusing on event space with bar and terrace overlooking the garden area.

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The site is located on the highest hill in Sentul, the outskirt city of Jakarta where lush natural
landscape, mountains and fresh air are still abound. The client has requested to build a multifunction
hall where it can be used for any type, capacity and size of event.
The design approach is to create a grid of 4 meter x4 meters for flexibility, order and expandability.
Thesepure forms of structural grid are framing the views to the city and mountains while allowing cross
air circulation into the building.
The indoor hall is surrounded by flexible pivot doors which allow the room to be flexible and integrating
the exterior and interior space. The inner courtyard provides a grid that is open to the sky above, and
filled with outdoor furnitures and a willow tree in the center of it.

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The project is designed for a young couple with creative taste in visual culture; a toy collector and avid
traveler who loves the outdoor. They have asked to design a house with lots of open space, plenty of fresh
air and playfulness.
The site is located in center of Jakarta with a unique dimension of 7.5 meters narrow street-front and 30
meters length. These existing conditions gave the design approach of dividing the site into two buildings
of three-story and two-story with a front yard, a middle courtyard and a backyard to allow cross
ventilation and maximal views to the gardens.
The two massing are designed to maximize natural lighting and positioned as split-level connected by a
semi-outdoor stairs for dynamic circulation. The house has a very distinct, subtle and graphic form
surrounded by landscape as a sanctuary from the busy city life.

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The Loji is a 35-units service apartment in a fast-growing neighborhood on the outskirt of Kuningan.
The aim was to create service-apartment units in a compact site which are suitable for young executives
and global nomad. The four-story building is topped off with a slanted concrete roof to relate with the
surrounding vernacular architecture and to accommodate more units while complying with the height
The facade is designed to produce a strong graphic expression using a reasonably economical and
durable material as synthetic wood. On each floor, the facade is disrupted with an opening that has
planter box to allow cross air ventilation and natural light into the corridor.
Consisting of 10-units per floor, each one is designed for maximum natural light and view to the city/pool
while maintaining the functionality and effectiveness of the layout. Inside the room, all the furniture are
all oriented towards the sliding glass door in the balcony with the bathroom hidden behind the elongated
counter that acts as a barrier.

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