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VAástu Arsitektur Studio - Dear reader, here is the work of Vaastu Architecture Studio in 2016 the newly completed perfectly in January 2017. This project is a renovation of residential Mr Erpan located behind Slipi Jaya. Renovations were made include changes to the front facade and interior of the house. Let us start the story. 

We begin from the exterior. The exterior has not changed that much. We just replaced the canopy garage and the roof of the balcony were modified for the better. With changes to the roof balcony, the door can be opened perfectly. Let's discuss them one by one. We start from the roof of the garage. Polycarbonate roof of the garage previously using curved shape. In this case, the curved shape is not matching the shape of the facade that has a lot of lines, so we modified it with a garage glass with the structure H Beam and Hollow 40x70 with white paint finish. To cover up we chose to use that glass can reduce UV rays so that there is no glare. We also apply the same system on the roof of the master bedroom balcony that creates harmony in the facade. 

On the front fence, to create harmony with the environment and the front garden, the owners take the initiative to use wooden boards combined with the 40x40 hollow steel in white paint finish, so it's compatible with the whole front of the building. Last to the exterior color, we choose natural colors and bright wood brown to blend with the garden in front of the house is lush green. 

In the family room on the first floor, our team chose the color bright bluish gray so when using the yellow lamp lighting cozy atmosphere easily obtained. While a mix of interior mixes nicely with carved wood paint melamine, modern sofas from Cellini and a console table and mirror of Vivere with colors and shapes are chosen directly by the owner as well as complement the latter is carpet motif Moroccan red and matches the frame songket red-gold weaving above piano. 

The master bedroom has a very small size but the owner wanted to use a large divan bed with a size of 180 x 200 for a room which only has a size of 4m x 4m. so the solution, we choose the system embedded into the wall wardrobe so keep the size of the circulation remains comfortable. This system makes one side of the wall is converted to placement wardrobe planting size in 60cm and a length of 2.5 m. The size sufficient for TV and closet area. For the closet doors have sliding door system with any front door is coated mirror. The mirrors have to get an impression of the room to be larger. 

On the wall behind the headboard, we designed with mirrors combined with the wallpaper and added a work desk left and right with the camouflage system. Very does not appear that there is a work desk in the left and right bed. The design goal is to maintain the circulation of the room stay comfortable and gives the impression of more spacious. 

For a family room on the second floor, this room has two functions: one for a TV room and a second for children's learning space. In the TV area, the owner wants to clean all of the wires so we hide all the cables. This is actually the standard quality of VA'astu Architecture Studio is where cable can not be seen so neatness awake. The second to desks, the system used is the extension table. This system when not in use will look like bookshelves. This method is very effective to get maximum utilization of space in the room and provide the right solutions for homes with limited space. 

In the process of home renovation consists of many teams. The foreman of the construction team which is appointed directly by the owner and contractor teams VA'astu furniture from the Architectural Studio. At the end of the process Home Park - Slipi for furniture craftsmanship, we - Architecture Studio VA'astu gain valuable lessons in selecting and assessing suppliers of furniture for the better. With this incident, we better understand the return characteristics of suppliers who understand the working drawings and techniques or just claiming to master to get the project resulting in project quality is less than perfect and have a disability. But the positive lesson is to gain new insights in the techniques of furniture making in the way, we can work together better with the maturity of the technique with the team as well as more independent. As our mission is "the satisfaction of the owner to get quality products and perfect is the number one". 

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The project site is located in the satellite city of Jakarta. Precisely located in one of the residential area in West Bekasi, West Java. The typology of residential is divided by several housing land lots, usually designed in rows that each is separated by the street. The house has two entrances. The first entrance of the road inside the housing and the other entrance is located on the main road outside the housing. Due to the housing management prohibits any deformities facade of the building and is written in a memorandum of understanding with the client so that our clients focus on renovations to increase the functionality and space in home interior. 

This project is a renovation project of an existing house on 8x20 meters land owner by a family of five. This house has two floors, the ground floor space is maximized for the public and semi-public, and the second floor is used for private functions. To the second floor there is a master bedroom and children's bedroom that is very personal so we can notexpose in this article in accordance with the client's request. 

On the ground floor, we are managing the family room and dining room in the same room in which the two function rooms separated by a console table. Because of the small size of the dining room, we apply the one side by a wall with a mirror so as to provide the illusion of size larger than the actual space. We give a big door sliding opening to chance to breathe a bit more by leaving a huge living room. 

To park in the middle of the house, we replace the access door with large glass doors with sliding system. This aims to give the impression of fused between outer space and the space inside so impressive a wider space. In addition, the sliding glass door produces a smooth air circulation and healthy. To muffle the heat outside, the garden center is assigned a fish pond with water games so that the hot air from the outside entrance will be through an advance thus decreasing temperature. This makes the indoor air becomes cooler even without air conditioner. 

The kitchen has a small area. To give the impression of vast, we apply the monochrome colors that contrasted with pale colors that give the impression toska unique. Distance to the cabinet top is not made too high to facilitate clients when opening and closing in accordance with the range of his height. We chose the kitchen work table using dark colored granite stone so that it always looks clean. The entire size of the area in order to the maximum so as to provide functionality and large storage. Material table using glass and steel bar so as to give the impression of light and looks not reduce the size of the kitchen. 

Guest room and foyer is designed with a simple composition but comfortable arrangement. We combine the sofa and armchair with classic modern design with modern furniture to wooden coffee table and exposes fiinishing melamik with ethnic designs on the side table so as to provide a unique and harmonious ambience is far from boring. 

Overall, the interior design of the house managed to represent the character of the owner through the material composition, the composition of the monochrome colors, and a blend of outer space and in giving the impression of semi-public and public spaces become larger than actual size 

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Pada proyek saat ini, kami memberikan jassa desain interior dan pengawasan untuk desain ruang keluarga dan kamar tidur utama pada apartemen The Sudirman Residence, Sudirman.

Tema desain kami adalah modern klasik dengan menggunakan tone warna natural dengan memilih menggunakan warna monokromatik. Nuansa ini kami pilih untuk menciptakan kesan elegan yang tidak mudah lekang oleh waktu.

Apabila ada warna-warna mencolok yang kami applikasikan pada furniture seperti single chair yang berdesain modern di ruang keluarga dan bangku sofa panjang depan tempat tidur pada kamar tidur utama, ini bertujuan untuk memberikan rasa dinamis ke dalam ruangan dan memecah rasa formal dan kaku.

Dan seperti biasa, kami menyisipkan benda seni pada ruang keluarga yang selama ini telah dikoleksi oleh klien tetapi kurang maksimal untuk penempatannya. Sehingga memberikan kesan sedikit etnik ke suasana living room.

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Project kami adalah desain interior untuk salah satu unit Single Bedroom, Apartemen The Wave Epicentrum, Kuningan – Jakarta Selatan. VA’Astu menyediakan jasa Desain Interior untuk salah satu pemilik unit di apartemen tersebut.

Konsep utama yang di minta client kami adalah memiliki suasana hotel tetapi dengan tone warna yang cerah. Dari dua poin diatas dengan melalui beberapa kali revisi, akhirnya kami memutuskan menggunakan tone warna Marina Bay Sands hotel – Singapura untuk mendapatkan kesan ruangan yang cozy dan terkesan luas. Hal ini mengingat unit tersebut memiliki total luas 48.7m² dengan balkon.

Pada Master Bedroom dan Living Room existing memiliki bukaan jendela yang sedikit ke balkon, sehingga kami merubahnya dengan jendela dan pintu kaca agar panorama di balkon dapat dinikmati dan juga membuat ruangan terkesan lebih luas dan terang.

Pada kamar mandi kami mendesainnya minimalis dengan dinding dan lantai menggunakan marmer putih serta dengan permainan perletakkan lampu untuk mendapatkan kesan luas dan mewah.

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