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L'Avenue is an apartment and office building located in Pancoran, South Jakarta.

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Sentraya Tower is the tallest and most luxurious office building located in South Jakarta.

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Hiking & Outdoor Equipment Stores at Bandung

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The first thing that might catch one’s attention about this mosque in Kota Baru Parahyangan (KBP) is the absence of a dome, which is almost always a quintessential characteristic of mosques. However, the architects have informed that the dome is not a cultural/religious identity, hence not a necessity when it comes to designing an Islamic place of worship.

The architecture of the KBP mosque is unique in that it uses stacked stones as the main façade to create tectonic effect, while embedding Islamic text/calligraphy on the façade as a graphic element and reminder prayer.

The primary shape of the mosque takes the form of a square, which seems the most efficient since Muslims pray in straight rows facing a specific direction or the Qiblah.The structural columns are arranged in such way that the façade seems like it is not supported by any frame. This shape also alludes to Ka’bah, the most important structure in the Islamic world, to which all Muslims’ prayers are directed.

With a capacity to accommodate approximately 1,000 people, the mosque is also designed to ‘blend in’ with nature. The stacked stones allow for natural ventilation without the need for air-conditioning. Surrounded by water, the ambient temperature around the mosque will be lower during the hot season. Once inside, the people are able to look out and appreciate the external scenery.


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This mosque is located near Al-Azhar school in Bekasi Summarecon residential complex and located on the edge of the highway. The mosque design concept is using the signature design of Urbane's mosques that is cube form and without the dome. Cube form is a practical design decision so it can accommodate the pilgrims to the fullest.

Material compositions that used in this project is the key point of this mosque design. Urbane proposed the concept of using expose materials such as red bricks that are stacked like wood structure on the cantilever roof in Javanese house. This material composition gives the dynamic effect of a simple cube shape with it's texture. 

Mihrab surrounded lanscape that facing the street was designed as small garden hills planted with trees to reduce noises from the street. Reflecting pool surrounding the mihrab was designed as a natural air coller.

Due to some technical problems during the construction, the exploration of exposed bricks that was formerly used as structural element was changed to decorating bricks. The facade is decorated with calligraphy art using GRC material.

This 2 storey building plus a mezannine can accommodate about 1,000 worshipers. The lower part uses as a multipurpose room, first floor intended for men worshipers and women worshipers are given a special place in the mezannine floor. 

Visitors who saw the building of the cube from the distance will know that is a building from the mosque minaret with moon and star emblem. The Jemaah leading prayer room will pass through the crescent-shaped door. 

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