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The CEO Building level 12

This project was published in HOME & DECOR INDONESIA, June-July 2017 edition: Dream House (Collection Edition 2017).

The design concept of this small apartment was "Spatial Manipulation: when aesthetic meets function". The main challenge was to create a compact space where all daily needs are acommodated in one place.

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The project was a home designed to accommodate the client’s family and his parents. As a devoted Indian and its culture, the family often host ceremonies and festivities. That is the reason the house is not only spatially large, but also has several public space to entertain large groups which includes 3 bar lounges. Requests from client’s parents, which are seniors, impacted spatial design planning. One condition is to design their bedroom on the 1st floor where they get easy access to the main living room, lounge bar, dining room, and the beautiful swimming pool. Another is the aquarium on the 2nd floor which serves as an ode for his father whom an avid Piscaphile. Client personally has his own interest in lavish and sophisticated items that gave simple, clean and sleek style. His preference is in symmetry and balance. On the other hand, he also like surprise. To suit client’s luxurious and sophisticated taste, the finishing of built-in furniture and panels are opulent detailing. The notion of luxury exhibited in simple but modern approach using cubes as initial form executed using the very best material grade.

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Holiday Inn Express is one of the most recognised brand around the world as a member of Intercontinental Hotel Group. The quality of this hospitality service is the value of understanding and reverence of the guest’s global experience travelling with simple, innovative and efficient approach. As a dedicated transit hotel for smart travellers, the hotel present international standards and integrated services with respect to local context. The blue interior hotel project formula was tendered with specific guidelines to deliver the hotel brand value with inspired simplicity to meet the interior design intent while fulfilling brand standards manual. This seven storey hotel located strategically at Aeropolis Cengkareng, near the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The client requested that the local value need to be presented in the interior hotel design in conjunction with the brand standards. Ground Floor include Lobby Reception, Great Room with Lounge, and Breakfast with Buffet Area, while the first floor designed for guestrooms and supporting rooms which includes two large conference rooms, a meeting room, gym, laundry and musholla. The remaining floors are dedicated for the guestrooms and utilities.

Understanding characteristics and needs of users in a transit hotel within the site context complete the design guideline by Holiday Inn Express brand which drove the design concept. “Spatial movement” was chosen as the basic concept and design process started by exploring the meaning of movement through the analysis of interior activities in terms of sense of direction. Experiencing convenience and productivity in transitional space presented by Indonesian inspired dynamic modernity in colour composition as overall design language. “Tenun” or traditional-weaving system as the Indonesian heritage craftsmanship is processed by deformation system of materiality to create a welcoming yet attractive interior atmosphere. The form of “tenun” is applied to all seven storey 3-star plus hotel building with 281-guestrooms.

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This beauty spa project promotes royal heritage spa experience which was inspired by the royal bathing complex of Taman Sari (Sultanate of Yogyakarta) with its beauty rituals stemmed from unique tradition of Royal Javanese Family to Czechs and the international market. Located in prime location in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, the site coexisted with myriad of architectural styles in the city.

The challenge for this project is to modernize traditional elements derived from Javanese culture, Royal Javanese family tradition (The Sultanate of Yogyakarta), and the Royal Javanese spa experience in Taman Sari. Tradition, heritage and nature should be an integral part of this royal heritage spa, while adopting modern technology in its design and construction for its adaptability with Czechs and international market.

Inspired by Taman Sari, a sacred sanctuary for royals, water is believed to be a mean of purification for ritual ceremonies. This highlights water as an essential element within the space. The various effects of nature in Taman Sari integrates space as one unity and experienced by people to balance their mind, body & spirit.

Adapted in the spa, visitors are expected to experience a dynamic interior atmosphere influenced by the familiarity of elements and spatial layout in traditional Javanese house while still maintaining a continuity in the design. The interior design implemented were acquired from material exploration with current trends in conjunction with Javanese heritage elements. These design elements are essential in creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere for a royal spa experience.

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This office project, located in Jakarta delivers a spatial concept of modern workspace and implements interior architecture critical thinking by inserting spatial form within the interior space. This project was published in CASA INDONESIA Office Review: Continuous Statement (May 2017 - June 2017 Edition).

The interior design concept of Castlerock Consulting office was “Dynamic Synergy towards continuous Innovation” which represents the energetic movement throughout the space. Abstraction of “energy” was visualized and implemented through interior architecture’s “insertion strategy”, where a new space was inserted within existing space and created a harmonious, unified interior atmosphere. The main staff area was the heart of the designed space, where it was an open plan with exposed ceiling and connecting with all the other areas, experiencing the dynamic forms and various materials from floor to wall and ceiling. This represent the continuity and essence of energy, flowing throughout the office interior space both as fit-out elements and furniture. The synergy combination of corten steel and wood finishes creates a modern unity, giving balance between aesthetic and function. As energy evolves continuously, the interior design play an important role for giving a continuous and innovative experience to the users.

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This apartment unit project located in SCBD, Jakarta delivers the beauty of Modern Indonesian Heritage. This project was published in INDONESIA DESIGN House Styles: A Graceful Space (Collection Edition 2016).

The interior was designed as a combination of Indonesian culture with a Western twist and modernity. Some walls were demolished to widen the public area, and access doors were repositioned to establish a flexible guest bathroom. Wall panels were build instead, include camouflage doors with classical decorative lists were inspired from European interior, also as a smart solution to divide privacy smoothly. New floors were installed to establish contrast and drama. Nearly all build-in furniture were replaced by elements made of wood or metals and created a simpler, yet sleek approach. The threshold among the dining and living room, were enclosed by wood architrave with laser cut panels made of steel and finished in champagne gold, which became luxurious dividers between the two areas. These panels were inspired by “Gapura” in Indonesian culture known as borderline, yet with the unique pattern that became the continuous accents throughout the interior space.

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This apartment unit project located in SCBD, Jakarta delivers simplicity yet modern concept of living. The project was published in BRAVACASA INDONESIA Vertical Living: Masculine Chic (December 2015 - January 2016 Edition).

The design concept was “Modern Masculine Chic Living”, where the solution was executed in “modern” way of design thinking, experimenting various materials and new technology; to embrace the advantages within the space, to optimize the functionality of all rooms and aesthetically wrapped in “Masculine Chic” touch. Responding to the client’s brief, as we entered the unit’s interior the pantry was integrated with a breakfast table, instead of a dining area, as the unit only consisted of one bedroom which made the solution more logical and compact. The three two-faced swivel 360-degrees rotational panels offered a smart solution from a thorough site analysis.

In general, the new designed interior was created to fulfill all the functionality required within an apartment unit with a smart twist of swivel panels signified an “out of the box” solution, harmonized with luxurious aesthetic and perception based on the client’s brief.

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