Tirto Wibowo Architects

Jl Sadewa Raya Blok C no 307, Jakasetia, Bekasi Selatan, Kota Bekasi

Located in Buleleng, Bali. Positioned exactly at the beach side, Le Tansca Condotel and Villa planned to be the gateway to the beach. This noe-vernacular building consists of 5 storey condotel at the front area of the site, and then gradually decreased on to 2 storey private-pooled villas lining to the beach. The walkway to the beach between the villas created spatial experience of local Bali's alley.

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Built on a steep slope at Buniwangi, Bandung, Woodworking Space and Gallery Buniwangi is a rebuilding project of an old woodworking space owned by Mr. Benny Gautama. The challenge of this project is to achieve material usage efficiency by reusing the old wood from the previously-broke-down building, designing effective vehicle's loading circulation while keep maintaining the ideal shape of a wooden house refers to the steep slope.

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Rumah Askarya 01 is one of the series of compact housing developed by PT Askarya Properti Indonesia. Emerges to resolve the problem of limited living space in Jabodetabek.

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