The GoodWood Interior Design

Jalan Sumur Bor Raya, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat

Our client really want to have a Huge Wardrobe to store all of their clothes & stuffs and asked us to make it as Minimalist, Clean, and as Premium as it can be. 

This wardrobe has something special in it, as We color it White & gave another High-Gloss Finish all the way in and out. Looks even great when the inside light are on 

Puri Kembangan   |   5 Photos

A touch of Gold Vibe for this clean-classic themed booth. We tried our best to make this litte space ( 6 sqm ) to Shine the brighest.

Mall Kelapa Gading   |   4 Photos

Rumah Type 90, dengan terbatas nya ruang yang ada Kami kembali coba memberikan sentuhan yang berbeda. Rumah Type 90 yang pada umumnya memiliki image rumah sederhana pun bisa diubah menjadi tempat tinggal yang cukup Eksklusif, Premium, dan yang terpenting memenuhi Needs dari client.

Tangerang   |   15 Photos

One of our custom furnishing creations for our Client, where We tried to give a Minimalist, yet Premium look by adding White Gloss Finish

Kav. DKI   |   2 Photos

Two Cents

Menteng   |   7 Photos