Tamara Wibowo Architects

Brigjend Sudiarto 79, Semarang

The interior design of this office that works in the field of Information and Technology is inspired by modern industrial design. The design uses industrial materials such as raw concrete wall and concrete floor and are combined with precise material such as black powder coated steel plates as frames of the curtain wall and security trellis over the existing window, which mimics old american warehouse building. These seemingly cold industrial materials are then contrasted by the warmness of edison bulb fixtures throughout the space and also by the warm teakwood of the office desks. The coldness and the warmth of these two elements create an office that is both professional and also comfortable to work in. 

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Located on a corner lot of a hilly neighborhood in the city of Semarang, Indonesia, the house opens up to its surrounding as much as it embodies a comfortable living spaces in the interior of the house. The house, consisting of grey masses that have wood lined openings, is arranged geometrically based on functions. One mass is the living quarter, one mass is office and garage, and the other is the service quarter.

All these masses surround a void in which an existing mango tree has been growing since tens of years ago. This void then becomes the entry point of the house. The house focuses on creating sequence of experience that brings the focus back to nature through spatial overlapping of indoor rooms and outdoor rooms and presence of light coming through skylight and large openings.

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This project was to house a growing agribusiness company in Semarang. The concept was to create a working environment that is fun yet professional and comfortable. So the project is not about creating rooms full of desks and chairs. Instead a few outdoor space were inserted into the building mass to create visual and physical breathing space for the workers.

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