Swadaya House Contemporary Minimalist located in Jakarta

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The office is located behind a concrete wall which alienates the kampung dwellers. By using common raw materials and greenery, it assimilates into its surroundings. The building stands out but does not conflict with the context.

The narrow road is widened using gravel and the edges lined with tall grass as a contribution to the neighborhood. The landscape is maximized by raising the office to the second floor alowing ample space for parking and gardens, which extends along the sloped roof of the service chamber and also along the back fence creating a green wall. Mesh fencing is used to allow views into the compound.

The ground floor houses the sunken service chamber and meeting room and a flight of stairs which doubles as an amphitheater.

The second floor office can fit up to 12. One side is clad with shelves while the other opens up to the garden. The roof top pebble garden provides a relaxing space surrounded by nature, creating a pocket oasis in the tropical climate.

There is a relaxing atmosphere to the building. The raw brick facade, exposed concrete, plywood and other low cost materials and recycled materials add to the building's modesty. Light and shadow, wind and heat, rain and humidity; one can experience all these in this office. A quality that is rare in a working space.

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