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Jl.Tunggul Ametung 2C no.3 Br.Dharma Santi, Ubung Kaja. Bali

This bamboo yoga space will be a part of a SPA facilities in a small resort in Sumba.


Sumba Barat Daya   |   6 Photos

This nice house design ideas came from Balinese traditional granary.

Bali Countryside. Sidemen   |   6 Photos

This resort provide a beautiful view of geat Agung mountain, green rice fields, river flow and the heritage of Balinese culture.

Sukahet Sidemen   |   6 Photos

This contemporary sumba house will be used for living room in a guest house area.

Sumba Hospitality School resort.

Sumba Barat Daya   |   10 Photos

This restroom made using local bamboo for the main structure and local earthenware for the perforated wall. There are 2 rooms for male and 2 rooms for female.

Bali Countryside Sidemen   |   4 Photos

This multifunctional building is designed for various activities, such as wedding party, reception, religious ceremony, meeting and resto.

Bali Countryside Sidemen   |   7 Photos

This Hideout Beehive is a part of Hideout Bali glamping (glamour camping) compound. There are some small bamboo glamping in this compound, Hideout light room, Hideout Bali & Hideout Beehive. Now glamping is the new way to stay and enjoy the nature of Bali.


Duda, Selat Karangasem. Bali   |   9 Photos