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This Chocolate Cafe is unique because they sell everything about chocolate. Writing that already made us craving for chocolate! The unique concept that we integrate into the design is to make the guests feel like they’re entering their own kitchen.

For the design style, we choose natural color for the overall furniture, and combining it with the greyish blue to accentuate the back wall. This is to make the overall ambience to feel more comfortable and cozy.

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The restaurant is located in Pererenan Beach, a 10-minutes drive from Canggu. We design it with a modern tropical & industrial style to fit to the restaurant concept. For the materials, the restaurant is mostly using exposed concrete to bring out more of the industrial theme. Meanwhile, for the tropical vibes, we suggest the use of indoor plants and sleek furniture to enhance the mood.

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A little design proposal that we have been working on for the past month. The challenge is to fit a co-working space, co-living area, and 10 blocks of villa in a 30 are land.

Our idea is to add a circulation node at the reception area for both commercial & the private villas. This is to allow easy access for the both guests who want to visit the commercial area (say, cafe or coffee shop) and private villa guests. The 3m circulation road extends to the very back of the land that function as another circulation node for the vehicles.

At the front, the circulation separates the co-working area and the commercial area. We do this to differentiate the quiet space that is ideally for co-working, and the busy / noisy space that is usually present in the commercial area. We also put a swimming pool and bean bags facilities here.

On the first floor, we utilize the space for more private guests — such as people who would use a dedicated desk, and etc. The co-working area extends all the way to the commercial area with a help of a bridge. This space will also acts as outdoor seating area for the co-working space. As we get more space on this floor, we are able to put all supporting facilities, such as: pantry & kitchen area, printing station, and all shared facilities here.

On top of the co-working area, we put the co-living space. We divide it into two sections: the common bedroom area and the bunk beds area. We do so to maximize the number of capacity for the co-living space.

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This is our design proposal for one of a city hotel in Legian, Kuta. We prepared two design options, one where the reception table is facing the entrance area, and another one with the reception table facing the front area.

The design theme and color palette is following the current design to adapt to the hotel’s character.

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Canvas Coffee Shop is a small coffee shop in Sanur, Bali. Located close to Sanur iconic beach, the harbor point from Bali to the Nusa Islands, the coffee shop seeks to provide its customer a comfy breakfast & brunch space.

Stood in a pretty wide block of land, the coffee shop wishes to utilize its building on the east part of the block, to grab attention from the passersby. “Canvas” is not only used as the name of the coffee shop, but also used as the main concept of the overall coffee shop.

For the facade, we want the building to be as open as possible to welcome the customers, but at the same time to be the boundary between the private coffee shop area with the public area. Thus, we design a customized concrete roster wall to not only divide the space, but also express the playful concept throughout the design.

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ocated at a location where you can see the best of Bali, this villa is seated within hectares of rice fields, whilst overlooking the Mengening Beach. Simply to say, this project is very exciting, as we got to design something that is unusual.

Our client loves something that is not common, hence encouraging us to explore more about the design for each and every room. The overall feel is industrial and masculine, with the help of dark solid wood and black metal.

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A house for the millennials faces a problem with the of land pricing. Since the price is gradually rising, the Generation-Y is struggling to get a proper block of land. A 100 sqm block of land doesn’t seem to fit much spaces required in a house, yet we help this couple to build their home.

What we do with the concept is to create a mezzanine-level house to reduce the circulation space around the house. Since the land is quite long, with 1:3 configuration, we added an inside-out feel with a courtyard. This will allow the breeze and the light to come through the building, and lead to a passive cooling and cross-ventilation system.

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A customized built-in furniture design project for a whole five bedroom villa. We collaborated with the interior contractor, Kayu Manis, to help our client get the design done and dusted.

The style is coherent with our tropical style, yet we add some modern vertical elements as the pattern for the overall looks.

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This project started as the client wanted to extend the function of its little concept store in the busy shopping street in Seminyak to a semi-outdoor coffee shop. 

In a limited space with a complex function, as a coffee shop and a boutique store, we decided to separate the space management into two: a (semi) outdoor coffee shop with the street-facing bar seating area, and an indoor fully air-conditioned boutique with a little seating corner--to attract more customers to the boutique. 

The style that we input into the design is a modern and sleek look, putting not much ornaments or decorative elements to make the in-store products the star of the business. 

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Located in Bali's most hipster town, Canggu, the store provides various range of soap & skincare products made from natural ingredients. 

The all-white design implementation is initiated after a discussion with the client who wants to keep the design as clean as possible, so that the products can become the main focus from the customer. 

The store includes a small office, a toilet, the cashier, and the display area with a wash basin to test out the products. 

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Cafe In Hit is one of the earliest coffee shops that serves coffee and pastry in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Established in 2014, Cafe In Hit is now has become the go-to place for a proper coffee experience around the coast. Since it opened its doors, the small coffee shop has been flocked by tourists and also become a filming set for an Indonesian film, Filosofi Kopi.

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