Jl. Kali Sekretaris No.6 Duri Kepa, Kb. Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11510

MERDEKA located at Tangerang Industrial

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Located on a corner site, at the foot of Mount Pancar, the site faces directly to one of the rivers that originate from the mountain. Being on a corner site gives the house two advantages: unobstructed views and also maximum natural sunlight. Since the beginning of the design exploration, the architect strives to respond to the trapezoid shape site and the two different axes: one that is parallel to the neighbor and one that is parallel to the street.

One of the challenges is that the longest facade of the house is exposed to the western sunlight. This challenge is solved by roof overhang and deep wall. The large void in the main living area ensures air flow, allowing sunlight to bounce freely, filling up the space and communication between the occupants.

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