studio entitas

Jalan Ampera Raya, Ampera 13, Kel. Glugur Darat 1, Kec. Medan Timur

Located in Medan, Indonesia, S House was designed to accommodate the occupants in a comfortable house that respons well to the climate. This two strorey house has public, semi public and service area on the first floor, while the second floor has private and service area.

The two main building masses are connected by a bridge as a connector and ramp are used for vertical circulation. Space between the two masses works as an “atrium” which enable visual contact from and to the surrounding rooms. It also provides natural lighting and gives a monumental and inside/outside feel when someone enters the house

A corridor that connects main bedroom with roof garden is covered by brick screen to ensure the privacy of the room inside and to let the air flow freely to the house. The corridor is a cantilevered structure that shadow the room beneath.

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