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The Office Menteng Square, Tower AO-19. Matraman no. 30E, Central Jakarta

Cilamaya House is located in the Tanah Abang area which still has strong influence of colonial architecture. The project is about adding the program to the existing house, which has the context of art deco architecture. The additional programs of the house seek to integrate the existing house with contemporary form. The additional forms are meant to complement the existing house, so that it would stand out as the main form of the whole building. The proposal of the building is to preserve the existing house, and added two masses on the left and on the right side of the site, creating a big courtyard that will allow enormous natural light, air circulation and green spaces into the house.

Cilamaya Street, Central Jakarta   |   9 Photos

The owner loves gardening and willing to have good air circulation and natural light in the house. Therefore, all four sides of the house are not attached with the perimeter walls. We also managed the garden to be quite spacious, to ensure the cool breeze will comfort the house.

K.H. Muhasim Street, Cilandak, Jakarta   |   8 Photos

Wind direction is the key factor in tropical building. Therefore, the north-south orientation of the building needs to be handled properly, such as adding louvres to reduce the heat of the sun on the north side. Steep gable also be used for good air flow, so the house remains cool without air conditioning. In addition, tropical occupancy with modern concepts utilize sustainable materials, especially the outdoor section–as on the wall and concrete roof and the area around the pool that uses concrete wood and natural stone.

Jl. Sedap Malam, Pakuan Bogor   |   18 Photos

This 20-storey building utilizing the advantages of humid tropical climate such as using of natural lighting in buildings. In addition, the building was designed to avoid direct exposure to the sun’s heat on the surface of the window and utilizing those solar thermal as a source of alternative energy with Photovoltaic System on the roof.

Green open area in the front area of the building is developed as rain water harvesting areas to suppress the energy load on the building. LSPR building that could hold up to 5,000 students is on the freeway of Jakarta Outer Ring Road. At the top of the building, a LED Screen used as an icon for LSPR, and shares information to the public such as time, temperature and also the information of sun radiation that can be utilized to be a source of electrical energy.

Jatiwarna, Bekasi   |   8 Photos

As requested by the client, this house has a classic look with a twist of tropical-climate adaptation. This house is pretty challenging because of its long shape. We manipulate the space by creating a courtyard in the center, side-by-side with vertical circulation. The courtyard becomes a light tunnel so that all parts of the house receive natural light and natural air evenly. Furthermore, this gap roles as a divider of front area and rear area to shorten the long space of the house.

Jalan Bunga Mawar No. 50, Cipete, Jakarta Selatan   |   16 Photos

Sustainable and green architecture must consider not only to reuse materials but it also has to response towards the climate. There are a lot of planning and design failure from architects due to lack of knowledge of the climate. Considering that Indonesia is a tropical country, which has a high temperature and humidity, the comfort issues in building should be seriously taken into account in terms of planning.

These projects focus on buildings which some of the envelopes are made of a shipping container. The buildings are located in the hot-humid tropical climate of Jakarta, Indonesia. The project tried to achieve thermal comfort in hot humid climate trough air ventilation, which become the main concept in the Steak Hotel by Holycow restaurants.

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Minitel Benda is located in the exciting, hype and busy Kemang area. The programs would integrate all in one concept of residential. It could serve as a service apartment that could be rented daily or even yearly. The design would also provide the daily needs of modern living facilities from gymnasium, café, laundry services and minimart. The building forms would create a big courtyard facing corridor, that would ensure the rooms and spaces will have plenty of natural lighting and natural air ventilation. The rooftop would also serve as the extended courtyard from the ground floor. Here, the residents could have late afternoon activities with an extra view of the neighborhood.

Jl. Benda No.39, Gang Haji Sainin, Jakarta, Indonesia   |   6 Photos

Climate responsive design doesn’t limit our imagination in making something unique in architecture. As requested, we made something unusual: two large rectangular boxes stacked asymmetrically.

It is not just for aesthetic purpose. The tilted second floor creates shade to reduce glare and solar radiation on the north east and north west side of the house.

Cibubur   |   11 Photos

Hierarchy plays important part of the design. It is one of the ordering principles strategies and methods to describe how noticeable the structure or architectural element(s). It shows an understanding how and why some parts carry more visual weight than others, and using that to create balanced (or unbalanced) structures, spaces and geometries. The main rectangular shape stands out in the middle of the composition to underline the main function of the house. The banal bold facade with rhythmic openings shows the datum and correlation between 1 mass and another.

Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan   |   8 Photos