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The Belleza Shopping Arcade lt. 1 unit 77

Spacious living and dining area inside an apartment in Jakarta.

We try to not put too much partition, to take away the cramped feeling of living in an apartment.

Instead, we divided the two space with a big wooden arch with the same finish as the existing doors.

Bright colors are chosen for the fabrics and wall treatment to preserve the clean and modern ambience.

South Jakarta   |   20 Photos

Dining and Living Room design for luxurious apartment in South Jakarta.

The clients has joined 2 apartments and they want it to feel spacious. So we defined these 2 space with one big wooden arch that matches the existing doors. 

Pakubuwono, South Jakarta   |   7 Photos

Generator Assembly Office in North Jakarta.

This office is located above the factory itself. The windows on one side allows the people inside the office to oversee the factory while the other allows natural sunlight into the working space.

Hot-rolled steel plates are used for more industrial feel while light colored wood and polished concrete are added to balance the ambience for more luxurious touch.

Kamal, Jakarta   |   7 Photos

A Cluster houses located in Makassar.

Because people in Makassar is not familiar yet with modern architecture; the developer for this project commisioned us to create an introduction to a modern cluster concept.

Makassar   |   3 Photos

2 Bedroom Apartment.

Teak wood and white marble finish.

Clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing living space for efficient apartment.

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3 Bedroom Apartment.

Clean and elegant with wood and marble finish.

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