Sonny Sutanto Architect

Jln. Agung Perkasa 12 - J13 No.9, Sunter, Jakarta Utara 14350 Indonesia

SSA new office is four times larger compared to the previous office which took place on Sonny Sutanto's house, for almost thirteen years. For the new office, there are several tendency to bring the old office ambience, for example the working space's comfortable scale and memories. The old office's space is also used as a reference because there is a certain desire to reuse the old furnitures.

Programmatically, there are three main masses with the space in between as transition. In those rigid office programs, Sonny creates sequence, start from creating a feel of entering the building, controlling perspectives through the corridor which shows the back courtyard, and controlling the geometry of defined spaces which accomodate certain activities. The back neighbour wall is covered by a layer of wall with strong geometry, to avoid unwanted view.

The first floor is used as public area. First floor contains receptionist area, meeting room, material sample area, model making workshop, dining area, pantry, and a courtyard. The courtyard can be used for public lecture which occasionally held.

The second floor is used as private working area for architects and principal, with administration room, a gallery, and a library as the supporting programs, surrounding the main stair to create continuity.

The third floor is also used as private working area for drafter and intership, with toilets and janitor as the supporting program. The third and fourth floor in the back of the building is used for service area. There are several elements to create a playful ambience in this office, for example the railing section mimicking Sonny's signature, “THE BOSS” lettering in principal's office, fish ponds and aquariums, and some handmade wall decoration from mozaics.

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