SASO Architecture Studio

Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta no.139, Jakarta Pusat

Site size is unlimited yet limited, 15 Ha, owner briefed to design a new house as his living quality increased. To create a timeless beauty, it’s designed uniquely responding site environment, which is extravagant with mountain view on its background.

Kudus, Jawa Tengah   |   3 Photos

This is a second house of well established couple with big family in Bali. Spaces are created to accomodate their hobby to invite people to visit their house.
Tropical design is the main keyword of the whole process. Architect are helping client to create their retirement house. 
Design strategy is to elevate their basic need of rooms on second floor which create a very high private space for their living, also open and breeze with croos ventilation.

Kuta, Bali   |   2 Photos

SASO proudly furnishing luxurious apartment in Kuningan area of Jakarta. Increasing family member is the main reason of the renovation.
Within a thight schedule while waiting to the new baby born, projects was finished well and on time.

Setiabudi, Kuningan, Jakarta   |   4 Photos

Semi open restaurant, to enjoy river view in Bali area.

In such small space, owner want to have a coffee shop and house below. Since the site has two access and located below the main road. Interior design is ecletic within very tight budget, to create a cozy and maximum utilization of space.AS

Bali   |   4 Photos