RW Interior

Jl. Kedungsari

A contemporary conference room with a touch of white classic wall panel give the room a luxurious feel. 

Bandung   |   3 Photos

Specifically designed to meet the client's taste and requests. He wanted to emphasize the wood grain on the cabinet : the kitchen area we use a lot of natural wood grain laminate, and white laminate to brighten the space. 

The dining room area we use grey glass tone to neutralize the wood, and to give the space an elegant feel to it with its glossy surface.

Jakarta   |   2 Photos

The client wanted a very modern grey kitchen design.

Surabaya   |   1 Photos

The client requested a modern and chic living area that is 'light'.

Singapore   |   3 Photos

The client requested the small room to be maximized with storage. He wanted a modern bedroom for his 2 teenage girls with wardrobe, study desk, and a reading area with storage for books and clothes. 

Bandung   |   2 Photos

Modern interior design for the newly married couple in Bali. The client wanted an elegant and masculine interior that hides all the "mess" and their personal objects. The brass on natural walnut veneer give an elegant feels to the overall design. 

Bali   |   4 Photos

The client requested a modern 7 year old boy's bedroom design that would last until he's a teenager. The boy's favorite color on the rug and wall background give contrast to the natural wood grain laminate cabinet.

The highlight of this room is the amoeba lamp. It illuminates the room evenly and gives the overall room a very unique feel to it. 


Bandung   |   2 Photos