Rakta Studio

Jalan Karang Tengah Barat no. 15 A, Bandung, Indonesia

This spacious building is located in a quiet exclusive residential complex in West Bandung area. This house has a large yard, complete with a children playground, which is in line with the initial intention of the homeowner. Designed by Rakta Studio, the Modern Tropical style become the characteristic of this building. Simple and geometric building lines combined with wood elements in some parts of the house, starting from the façade of buildings, floors, stairs, and inner walls, provide a warm and natural atmosphere in this residence.

The interior design of the house is quite unique with modern and contemporary decorations and furniture. The open impression is very strong in the function of its spaces. The use of glass in various parts of the building such as walls and doors gives a broad and friendly impression on this building. The comfortable children's playground faces the terrace where a square fish pond is built. On the edge of the pond is a pair of white chairs to relax in leisure times. The playground is bordered by a wooden staircase which at its side is built a wooden dividing wall also functioned as decorative furniture that accommodates various ornaments and books.

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Being the owner and the architect of this house, I tend to create a simple project that blend with the surroundings.  The RN house is located in Tatar Jingga Nagara. In definition, “Tatar” means a place/location, while “Jingga” describes as a reddish/orange color, and “Nagara” used as a city. 

The imaginary “pulled out” white box on the 2nd layer gives the house a light and dynamic impression. 

By putting a garden located in the middle of the house, it was intended to blend both inner and outer space and practically increase the air flow and intensity of the sun light. I exposed the linear line at the east side of the house's facade to reduce the heat in the morning and it designed to be able to open in the evening to gain some natural sunlight.

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Located in a residential complex, the ETC hobby house is a 150 m2 building that was built to meet the need of a personal basketball playground for the children of the house owner. The three children have a hobby playing basketball and their friends often gather there to spend their free time.

The "Rakta Studio" Architecture Firm chosen by the house owner to create a "hobby house", applies the Japanesse style design concept combined with the Tropical Modern style that has become a characteristic design of Rakta Studio it self.

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