Jl. Antasura Gg. Dewi Sita No.49

Bougainville Villa is honeymoon concept villa. Honeymoon must be relax and joyfull experice, so we were give different room concept in villa unit. 

One of chance had make the comfortable room in small area. In one unit villa, have less 90sqm so we given concept to client for the open plan. We were done in 1000sqm had 9 unit villa, these so difficult achievement. Client was happy because price sqm in Seminyak Bali very expensive, with the eficience room we could increase the BEP property.

We were design the cabana with rustic theme, and complete with jacuzzi.

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The Sanctoo was unique and exclusive villa in Ubud Bali because guest picked from the lobby can drive with an elephant, so very attracted and joyful. 

We were give the Sanctoo had Jungle Concept so guest could feels like in paradise. Facility was complete with Spa and restaurant, guest could exclusive lunch with elephant attraction.

The building had 'nusantara' looks, with local pattern and local material. The building had finishing with Candi Stone because we want building blend with nature.


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