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Jl. Kutisari Besar Kav 32

Melior Kitchen System is poduct beginning we developed the first moment our company stands and until today continues remains a passion and love us to continue to work and develop, which brings us committed to develop designs that birth varied design ideas, products and solutions for our customers ,
Currently we provide for all necessary interior is fully furnished place to live or work
Some of the trademarks that we have / sell besides Melior for kitchen products are Praga - Wardrobe System, Domino - Home & Office Furniture, Medico - Medical & Laboratory Furniture, and Signum - Budget Furniture
Due to the blessings of God Almighty and support customer loyalty, family, team working in a corporation, partnership, support of local suppliers and from international companies allow us to continue to work and spur us to continue to learn and add experience to the application of the latest concept. Please visit our Website: for details about our services.

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