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Greenlake City Rukan CBD Blok K No. 16

APL, a pharmacy company bought the office space from the former tenant, an oil and gas company. For a company, they have to manage their spending well, therefore they intend to keep the existing space and furniture but also need to get a new look for the office. That's where D&H is needed to rejuvenate the office smartly.

Still using the same reception table, we bring a new look by building a led lit backdrop with stripes accent above the blue wall to place their logo and be the main focus of the room. The wall sticker with Indonesia map design strengthen the credibility of the company and adding aesthetic value to the plain wall.

For the staff area, we add a blue color to the cabinets to make stripes accent so the plain white office becomes more dynamic but still within the corporate’s color. A simple solution to make the gray monotone room more lively. For the pantry area, we use industrialist theme interior with industrial hanging lamp and unique wooden-steel stools and balanced with artificial plants to bring a fresher mood.

APL which cooperate with ZUELLIG PHARMA and for this 11th floor, they plan to design it with ZUELLIG PHARMA corporate color which is green and blue. In this concept design, we bring the modern and dynamic concept through the custom colored carpet, walls, and workstations bringing the corporate look throughout the entire office. The workstations area applying the open space office concept so the room feels big and comfortable.

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To revamp the office, D&H Interior applies modern interior concept into the space, bringing fresh and professional look of the company. For some areas, D&H Interior also inject warmer and more refine mood to the office, specially the management floor and the public area.

For the manager and staff floor, D&H applies a modern open interior concept. The staff seating arrangement are not separated by high level cubicle, but using workstations with integrated low panel incorporating the corporate color of green and blue. Open interior concept giving broader visibility throughout the floor and making the space impression larger.

D&H have the privilege to design the entire 4-floor company. The 1st floor designed with modern and warm tone for receptionist, waiting area and 8 meeting room. The 2nd floor is designed homier and more private but still with modern design for the board of director and senior management. And for the 3rd and 4th floor, we design the workstation for staff and manager differently with modern and open space concept.

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The owner is a mother of one daughter who expects her apartment to be the destination for weekend and holiday getaway. She asked us to redesign the whole apartment with a touch of feminine sense with the homey, roomy and beautiful atmosphere.

The whole apartment uses red and white color.  But not with her daughter’s room is dominated by a more girly color combination of greenish yellow with a gold-brown accent. The whole design is more for a long-term so it doesn't use a lot of bright colors that identical with kid’s room.


On the other rooms like bedroom and bathroom, we prefer to use red color as the one that dominates the overall color. In the bedroom, 2 different floral pattern wallpaper is used to add a few feminine feels since she is going to be the one who spends most of her time there. While in the bathroom, the wall is half white, pink, and red mosaic tiles and half covered with mirrors to give a spacey impression.

We chose red and white tonality which are the owner’s personal favorite. To give a broad impression of the space we use almost white on everything like floorings, walls, kitchen cabinet and paint on the wall. To separate the pantry and dining area with the living room without making it looks cramped, laser cut wood is used as the separator with lining accent that makes it semi-transparent.

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Understanding the client’s needs and character to interpret both aspects into an excellent interior design is an ability every interior designer must capable of. The owner of this apartment is a woman that wants her place not too girly, she wants it to be masculine instead. That is the main challenge for us to create a design that prioritizes masculine and modern style but still suits the owner who’s a woman.

We use blue and grey color as the main color scheme that pops a bit of masculine style but not too dominating. White color tonality in this apartment so it gives the room a brighter and broader impression. The bedroom and living room separator is designed with semi-transparent separator with abstract line pattern that adds a touch of aesthetic value to both of the rooms.

With only limited space available, we provide many multifunction solutions to fulfill the owner needs. Television bracket is installed on the room separator, it can rotate 180 degrees to each side of the room so she can watch TV in any room. Even more astonishing, the paint on the wall is expandable as a dining table for 2 persons with smooth hinge that gives the owner one of a kind experience every time she opens it.

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This 42 sqm apartment in 33rd floor of Season City Apartment is our first ever portfolio. Our founder is the owner of this unit. He fancies minimalist and clean style. We transformed the unit into an open-plan layout and applied white as the main color scheme to give it a spacious feel. It has 2 bedrooms before but felt so cramped up with gypsums that separate each room, leaving a tiny space for kitchen, toilet, and living room.

After being redesigned into four equally large area with loft style, the unit has become more spacious with bedroom, kitchen, living room and toilet connected to each other openly. White gives a bright and clean color to the unit, furthermore, it is the owner’s favorite color. The unit is dominated by white color on the furniture and touch of some stainless and glass to add a nice vibrant to the entire design.

The living room design was inspired by a Hollywood movie ‘Transporter’ so the owner decided to arrange gray natural stones evenly, and later use to support the television bracket with a white simple cabinet underneath the television to put on other entertainment devices. He arranged a leather couch facing the television so he can spend some time watching movies comfortably.

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The homeowner used to live overseas. He likes a masculine and glamourous concept and wants it to be applied to his apartment. We use dark colors such as brown and black to enhance the masculine style, then combined with light golden brown to balance it out. He loves bull so much so that we put an eye-catching bull shaped wall decoration on the wall.

We installed a large golden geometric shaped mirror panel on the wall behind Television to bring out the glamorous style. Equipped with unique hanging-lamps and a bright rug that add more dynamic to the room. An industrial kind of shelf is placed near the window for storing some liquor as one of the owner's hobbies and add even more masculine aspect to the room.

The owner meant to invite his parents to live with him in the apartment. Therefore, some rooms in the apartment are more neutral and not too overpowered by masculine and glamorous style, but still enhancing the modern side. In the dining room for the example, as a place that would be used with another family member, we chose some brown and white colored furniture to make the ambiance warm and clean.

The parents’ bedroom color scheme are more neutral and a bit brighter than other room. Some minimalist furniture such as simple shelf, mirror and bedside table are arranged in such ways to achieve a great room flow and functionality. The main bathroom is designed with statuario color in white that dominates the whole room to gives a broader, simple and clean impression. Also, simple and minimalist furniture is used in the room.

The owner's bedroom certainly designed to show his character. Dark color plays a great role in giving masculine style, mixed with gold color for glamorous accent. Wooden floorings add coziness while also give a sense of glamor. Wooden and steel are chosen to be the material for the simple closet in the room.

For the glamorous style, we installed a mirror behind the bed. Then, on the corner of the room, we also put several gold sculptures to glam up the decoration shelf. The golden beige curtain used to balance the gold color.

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The homeowner loves luxury and glam so that much she desired her house interior to be designed into that kind of style. She wants to surprise and impress her guest from one room to another with modern interior and lots of ornaments.

The living room is covered in a multiple tone of rose gold color on the floorings, rug, and walls. 2 pieces of artworks placed on two sides of the room as luxurious decoration alongside with the mirrors installed on the wall panel. The color that dominated the whole room also a warm feeling as we walk in.

Luxurious vibes are always present in each room of the house. We chose trendy pieces of furniture followed by different wallpaper with an elegant pattern that successfully brought out a surprisingly dynamic sensation every time we enter the room.

Decorated by the sparks of mirror panel covered walls and also the bedside mirror table, the bedroom looks very slick and modern. Geometric pattern rug beneath the bed makes it an eye-catching center of the room.

In the kid's bedroom, the atmosphere is slightly different. It gives a warm and modern ambiance with minimalist furniture and bright color scheme all over the room. Some quotes are written on the walls of the single bed makes it the most stand out part of the room. Also some illustrations of the kid’s favorite cartoon character on every side of the room.

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A modern-classic design is the main element in this home, according to the kind of character that the homeowner loves. Elegant element also provides modern classic impression in each room which makes every room look impressively luxurious.

In the living room, the modern-classic impression expressed by a wall that covered with rectangular duct satin mixed with mirrors that become the focal point of the whole room. The enormous windows also encourage the luxury and become an important part of good airflow and sunlight supply.

High-end furniture that we bought in Jakarta and Bali are arranged in such way to maximize the modern-classic style impression. Luxurious hexagonal coffee table becomes a centerpiece and balanced out by the classic blue and white fabric sofa. Some additional things like classic sculptures and cushions also add even more aesthetic value to the living room.

We pay attention carefully to every little detail to keep the modern-classic style featured on every corner of the house. A classic blue chair is placed above round modern rug on the corner of the alley to add some vibrant accent to the whole room, altogether with mirror cabinet and some vases on it.

From the first entrance to every side of the house, we manage to represent the modern-classic style all the way. Even though every room have their own function, but each designed well so we can feel the unity of the concept of the house.

In the dining room the dining table represents the main style. Also, chandelier on the ceiling obviously gives luxury to the room by its light-reflecting crystals. The baby grand piano and piece of artwork on the corner embrace the high-end classic side of the room.

Pool area with modern surrounding is located right next to the dining room, giving a nice relaxing view while dining. We installed wooden flooring on the terrace to represent modern style on the outdoor part of the house. White and bright dining table also placed on the poolside, with the wooden standing lights on the corner to give some accent to the plain wall.

In the karaoke room, the walls are mostly covered with a geometrical pattern that adds another modern accent to it. We installed a mini bar that facing directly to the window so that anyone can enjoy the drink with a view.

We design the 2nd floor master bedroom in such way to make a harmony between comfort and luxury. Modern velvety brown walls behind the king size mattress and mirror bedside tables become the focal point in the bedroom, whilst small pieces of accessories like frame give classic accent to it.

The luxury of the bedroom continues as we walk into the classic walk-in closet with white as its dominant color. Another chandelier on the ceiling lights the shiny white marble floorings and the whole closet elegantly.

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