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BORN IN A SMALL TOWN OF INDONESIA, GROWING UP FOR ME IS SIMPLY A JOY. I have always learnt how to cherish the simple pleasures of life. Thanks to my endlessly supportive family for their genuine love and care that always propels me to do the best there is. Design & Art has always been by my side all along, but it is when I attend the school of Interior Architecture in Singapore that I learnt the bittersweet life of a designer. 

My highest inspirations come from nature; it influenced all that I do. The simplicity of a vast green pastures, or the rosiness of a freshly bloomed flowers show me that less is more. I sometimes immerse in great pleasures looking at abandoned architecture; whether it is a tumbledown Italian castle or an ageing French chateau. The understatement of a moss-covered limestone or a pale weathered wood always teaches me the beauty of timeless classic details. We can never always look for something new; it is only through the study of history & traditions where everlasting ideas emerge.

My design speaks for itself; there is no definite or specific style that I always hold on to. However, behind everything that I design, there lies the concrete belief that beauty is a positive force.

Never having worked for anyone else; and largely self-taught. I am fortunate enough to have such trusting and loyal clients & I remain forever grateful that they took a chance on me. I am blessed to start and follow through my passion at a tender age of 20. I see how my confidence grew gradually and the belief in my own ideas have served me well. In addition to my many wonderful clients, I am honored to have collaborated with such supportive manufacturers & suppliers.

Behind every successful company, there is always a solid dedicated team. I would not have made it, without the talent & dedication of my staff that I work closely with. They make it possible for me to create stunning makeovers and homes that I would want to live in. My vision would not have come to life without their commitmment & perserverance to push through every project. I value and appreciate their skills deeply. 

My passion for design is undoubtly deep-rooted. It is therefore with great pleasure for me to share and express my works through this website. This website serves as a window into the process of the many wonderful projects that we have been fortunate enough to do.

White Box Residence


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A small compact villa house is packed with Modern Contemporary details.

Location Medan, Indonesia
City Medan
Property Type Landed House
Area Size 0 sqm
Design Style Contemporary, Modern
Architect / Designer
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