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SDA believes that a truly versatile design is more than a unique concept and beyond an arresting visual styling. a delicate balance between function and aesthetic is established by translating the user requirement into a spatial experience that remain relevant, unpretentious and timeless.

To achieve such result, SDA never stops exploring materials from various sources and inventing creative solutions to maximise the effectiveness as well as the usability. SDA also keeps themselves regularly updated with the latest technology in building material and solutions, as well as environmental-friendly products.

The firm also takes pride in the detailing of their works, be it a single piece of 3-metre long raw piece of rainforest tree countertop, a steel spiral staircase floating above a pool, or a cantilevered concrete bench - winning praises from their clients

Vacanza @ East

by studioku design asia

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For this apartment that belongs to a young couple, an semi-industrial Manhattan living style was adopted for the interior design. A large window opens up the study room to allow interaction between the occupants, which also helps to make the living area more spacious. This is also achieved by hacking down the kitchen wall down to waist height, which is covered by the island counter. A large faux-but-realistic concrete wall becomes the focal point, being visible from almost any angle in the house. The heavily textured beton brut finish gives a striking contrast to the rest of the luxurious interior such as the dark walnut timber, polished floor, marble tabletop, dark quartz island counter and artistically laid exposed black conduits. The final touch by the client is what takes the house beyond the ordinary - retro toys, terrarium, sleek light fittings, decade-old clock and branded red crockery. SDA always encourages owner's participation in making the house their dream home.

Location Singapore
City Singapore
Property Type Apartemen
Area Size 120 sqm
Design Style Kontemporer, Industrial
Architect / Designer
Mark Mah
Project duration
2 Months
Year of completion

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