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Our Philosophy : “The building, in addition as being a primary need for space to do the activities for people who use it, is also correlated with the personal taste, a symbol of identity, and giving a sense of security, harmony, and also, as the center of social life in form of structures.”

General assumption declared that the architect is simply ‘the building draftsman ‘, and Architecture is a ‘science of merely build a building ‘ often rose the question “Why we need an Architect?”. Yet over the physical design of the building, architects also have to understand the psychological needs of the building and its occupants, users, people who use the building, and at the same time, the building also affects their lives.

How much time do you spend in the building in a day? A month? Throughout life? In fact our lives most of the time is spent in the building. Family time, work hours, relationships, even when you are alone, you will always spend your time in a building.

We realize that creating a building design is not only creating a form and structure, but also understands you, your character, creating a convenient shelter for the people you care about, creating a mood that is conducive and inspiring, and at last, give more value of function in your life. Your inspiration is the architecture of your own.

Because architect is about a living.

PS-26 Green Office

by Wahana Architects

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The office building has 4 floors, namely: Basement, Ground floor, Upper Deck floor and floor with an area of 2500 m2 has combination of concrete and steel building structures. Building materials are almost all covered by brick paste to give the impression of a warm. The use of wood provides a touch of natural elements and harmony with nature.

Part basement as if a stage for 2 pieces of mass beam on it. Both the mass of the beam that serves as a work space and lounge are placed parallel, elongated in the direction of the axis of the West – East. One of the beams somehow looks lighty and floating on the water with columns and steel structures that sustain them. Designed an open plaza area, there is a reflecting pool and a invisible meeting room.

Circulation into the ground floor lobby designed half open on the side of the elongated basement. Occupants are invited to enjoy the natural atmosphere circulation formed by the waterfall and cliffs – Bronjol Kodok Stone arranged diagonally. Even surrounded by natural atmosphere, the occupants will not be drenced in the rain because of the glass roof along the circulation which divides the pond.

The main circulation inside the building is atrium with skylights as the roof, atrium flanked by two mass beam. Stairs terrace and ground floor lobby area surrounded by glass-roofed wooden pergola. Vertical Garden System with 2 storeys height with steel structures arranged along one side of the atrium, so that occupants feel the ambiguity between interior and exterior.

The existence of the plaza and reflecting pool, also oblique pool with trees penetrate it aims to form a beautiful office setting, created a flexible and comfortable feeling to work, according to the client’s expectations. At some point the pool area designed perforated so that existing trees can be managed.

Location Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
City Jakarta Selatan
Property Type Office
Area Size 2350 sqm
Design Style Contemporary, Modern, Tropical
Architect / Designer
Rudy Kelana, Sophia Purba
Fernando Gomulya
Project duration
Year of completion