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Indesign Domus is a professional Architectural and Interior Design consultancy company and is a sister company to ARKdesign, an architectural consultancy listed with the IAI. With over 10 years of industry experience, we have worked with a wide range of clients, from private housing and apartments to more large scale commercial investments including inter­nationally recognized hotels and resorts. Our specialization is in the hospitality sector. With an experienced team of creative individuals we believe thoughtful Interior Design is beneficial for both the occupants and the environment and plays an im­portant role in one’s quality of life. We strive to provide an exceptional service to our client’s needs and focus on bringing innovative and modern design solutions to life.

Nissi Bintaro Campus

by Indesign Domus

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Nissi Bintaro Campus is a building that keep its contectuality.  The dynamic form is  originally based on the character of the user/Owner (Data On) that consist of energic  and young people or staffs with dynamic working activities. At the south side, we created a comfortable courtyard that covered from sunlight as South Courtyard. The courtyard happens because of the collision of two building masses, between the transparent mass and the solid mass. The collision of two masses, become our mass concept for the project.

Location Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan
City Tangerang Selatan
Property Type Lainnya
Area Size 0 sqm
Design Style Modern
Architect / Designer
Project duration
Year of completion

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