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StudioKAS+ founding in 2012, StudioKAS+ has remained committed to the notion of architecture as a form of sculptural art. The search for form is a preoccupation of the design approach. Distinct forms, pure shapes and clear lines form the basis of the StudioKAS+ design language.

StudioKAS+ explores architecture as an inter-disciplinary craft that combines the elusive beauty of art and the building technology.

KAS+ has done numerous projects, built and unbuilt. While the smaller projects offer insights into aspects of material and detailing, the larger ones provide opportunities to probe issues of scale and form. The studio continues to develop a style of architecture that is abstract and use that knowledge along with contemporary thinking. StudioKAS+ approach to design often arises from a counter-intuitive response to site and programme.

Operating in a studio-like setting, StudioKAS+ is built around a small group of individuals, each with a particular expertise in the separate aspects of the practice. StudioKAS+ believes that the execution of architecture is essentially a collaborative effort and a synthesis of various talents.

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Location Bukit Gading Mediteriania
City Jakarta Utara
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 780 sqm
Design Style Kontemporer, Lainnya
Architect / Designer
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