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RW architect is an architecture and interior design consultant who stand since 2009, which initiated its origin comes from the mouth. And because of hard work, discipline and commitment and responsibility, then eventually grow forward until the present time. RW Architect stands for the name of the consultant who started the Ronald Wiesanto. Starting a college degree at the University Tarumanagara then pursue a career in the field of architects to some big companiesof course and eventually start his own business consulting services from the support of many parties and circles. Some of these projects include residential character of mass, and an exclusive or private housing, and commercial such as offices, lounges and clubs, cafes and resorts can be found on the project page on this website. We certainly will provide quality service and satisfying classy and of course to our clients.

Mr. Alexander

by RW Architect

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Wooden elements are felt in each room is designed, as the wood element can make the atmosphere of the room more comfortable, harmonious, not bored, and unsightly to the eye. Moreover, the addition of color elements only in part supporting the room alone, to make it look more contrast but does not dominate the room.     

Location Pontianak
City Pontianak
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 0 sqm
Design Style Modern
Architect / Designer
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