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DDAP Architect is an architecture consultant based in Bali. Focusing to architecture and master plan projects. Aside from that, DDAP also active participating in national and international design competitions. DDAP Architect’s motto is Create Identity in Diversity.

Create Identity in Diversity

Asia is a culturally rich continent, especially Southeast Asia with thousands islands and diverse ethnic and culture. The diversity is also shaped its own unique architecture and their city patterns. This matter lead to a question. How can we DDAP architect have our identity despite its diversity? One of the method used to solve this issue is Herman Hertzberger’s Warp & Weft theory which stated that each city or region has their own patterns like fabric constructed by weft yarn and warp yarn. The place where we build our environment is part of the fabric with its pattern and texture, So, if design abandons this pattern, it surely can’t be fitted to its pattern and will create chaos. The concept is transcribed by DDAP Architect into a design process, producing an interactive and communicative design with its concept, space, proportion, material, and building mass.  From this on, hopefully DDAP Architect will disclose a design identity, not only shown from the result but also from design process. This approach is a reading the sprit of the place which we also known as “Genius Loci”.


by DDAP Architect

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From designer: Kubu Tropis if directly translated into English is "the tropical house". associated with the design concept, the challenge we face in design process is "how architecture can directly translate the meaning of Kubu Tropis" in to design and architecture also can be use as branding.

Architecture as a branding

in a modern theme, branding is a crucial, especially for marketing. In this case, we try to apply the branding of Kubu Tropis not only in digital branding alone, but also reflected in the architectural design of this building as simple as translate "Kubu" and "tropis" to design.

Kubu = Home

Is this design does not look like house? Is it looks like a factory? office? school? mall?We think the interpretation of the house can be seen from the overall mass of the building. Shape of gable roof and rectangle windows is  apply as a basis of the house form. This shape already marked in to our brain because this is how we draw house when we was kids.


Tropical term can be diverse, tropical in Indonesia itself can be divided into many places. Each region has a different climate. In this case, we apply the tropical nature of the climate in Bali. Wide eaves for rain protection, terrace area of semi-arid and wet, wide openings for natural light, cross ventilation for air circulation, is the strengths of this design.

So the conclusions of this design is "architecture also can turns out to be a branding", the strong evidence we got is, now the Kubu Tropis Logo design is rooted by the basic form of this design. 


Location Jalan Bisma Ubud - Bali
City Ubud
Property Type Hospitality
Area Size 170 sqm
Design Style Industrial, Scandinavian
Architect / Designer
Project duration
11 months
Year of completion