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HMP architects is a Jakarta based professional architecture firm founded by Heru Mudito Prasetyo, one of the talented architects in the nation. The firm specializes in designing humane buildings with specific functions such as private office, clinic, and other commercial purpose area. Each of our design is specifically focused in fulfilling its designated functions and user’s needs, while also maintaining the aesthetics side of it. As a result, our designs are always context sensitive, robust, yet affordable. Our work ethics and team environment promote enthusiasm and creativity. These in turn, lead to a highly committed team of professional architects with intense desire to produce optimum designs for its partners and clients. 

As a testament of our success, the firm has undergone tremendous growth since 2006. Increasing the number of talented architects many times over within this short period of existence and producing numerous designs to the satisfactions of our clients .

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Modern tropic is the concept of this house. It has plenty of openings. Many open spaces are available in this house. The family room area was designed twice higher than the other room and thus provides a sense of relief and calm impression. The uniqueness of this house is on the stair, which has stand-alone structures and wrapped by a glass box. the focal point of this house is on its glass boxed stair.

Location Jakarta Barat
City Jakarta Barat
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 486 sqm
Design Style Modern, Tropical
Architect / Designer
HMP Architects
Project duration
Year of completion