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HYJA stands for HerryJ Architects. HYJA exists to create diversity projects.
Established in 2008, it is known for its work in custom private residential projects and many
Interior design projects.
HYJA design philosopy is contemporary, simple, functional and detail execution.
every projects is unique and different, crafted according to the end user needs,
characteristics, and environment. resulting project to be diverse, innovative, exciting and accomplished the client needs.
HYJA firstly generate optimum or maximum layout for the space, study the various option that are available,
making a simple organization, creating a contemporary look.
Architectural styles are avoided, as they limit the options available.
HYJA believes a good design enhances Clients investment
Every detail design counts to make an iconic, different, signature to adding value to Clients property.
All consept design was developed and cared for every detail, proportions, and scale, to ensure the finished project
fully develops the potential within the concept.

Katamaran house


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Set on the North Jakarta, Katamaran house was design to set up a green lush house. the concept is to bring out more green space and open space for the outdoor activity.
 there 2 kids bedroom on the second floor, connect by a bridge to the main stairs. the master bedroom set up on the front of the house.

the living area and formal dining set up a double ceiling to flow the hot air above, so the room become more cooler, help by the ceiling fan to circulate all the airflow above.

next to the living is a full glass that can be slide off, so the room will get a full view and air breeze.

the air flow is constantly moving a cross to all the room that has been designed from the beginning to be open air.

Location North Jakarta
City Jakarta Utara
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 600 sqm
Design Style Tropical
Architect / Designer
Project duration
Year of completion