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SDA believes that a truly versatile design is more than a unique concept and beyond an arresting visual styling. a delicate balance between function and aesthetic is established by translating the user requirement into a spatial experience that remain relevant, unpretentious and timeless.

To achieve such result, SDA never stops exploring materials from various sources and inventing creative solutions to maximise the effectiveness as well as the usability. SDA also keeps themselves regularly updated with the latest technology in building material and solutions, as well as environmental-friendly products.

The firm also takes pride in the detailing of their works, be it a single piece of 3-metre long raw piece of rainforest tree countertop, a steel spiral staircase floating above a pool, or a cantilevered concrete bench - winning praises from their clients

How Sun Walk

by studioku design asia

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Some common issues for terrace houses are the narrow width, limited natural lighting and relatively low ceiling. To address them, S.D.A worked closely with the Owner in this project, which personally managed the entire construction, on the exterior as well as the interior works. An over-sized, full height entrance door that is usually left open allows natural lighting into the living hall and cross ventilation through the kitchen at the rear for an airy interior. Light-colored material palette helps to create a lofty low-ceiling common area and darker ones for the cozy bedrooms. Limited space prompted S.D.A to use jib door within wall paneling to hide the powder room from direct view from living hall, and a sliding door to prevent cooking odor from getting to the living hall discreetly slides out from under the staircase. The small kitchen comes with all-in-one utility cabinet that keeps all appliances away from sight when needed, without having to be taken out when in use.

Location Singapore
City Singapore
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 300 sqm
Design Style Skandinavia, Minimalis
Architect / Designer
Mark Mah
Project duration
1 Month
Year of completion

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