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Christina Suwardi have been joining  in business for more than a decade. Discovering themselves as a counter balancing pairing, an interior design agency was born through her hands in 2004, which was officially named PT Cipta Desain Arsitektur Mandiri (CDAM) in 2012 as a versatile design firm that focuses on the comprehensive interior design process. The endeavor expands from concept building, design course, all the way to the actual construction. 

Identified by an eye for modern practicality in style and comfort, CDAM quickly established the ability to provide tailor-made interior design services. Consistent quality control is supported by a solid team consisted of diverse talents: architects, designers, artisans and contractors. Together, they create detailed interior touch; carefully crafted finish selections and custom build furnishing to transform an empty space into a refined and intelligently designed space. 

The result is a diverse collection of portfolio, ranging from a tropical club villa to a cowboy-themed eatery.

Cowell Oasis Mahogany


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Cowell Oasis Mahogany apartment in Cikarang is a living proof that limited space doesn’t have to feel jammed or crammed. Very light in its execution, this unit keeps the furniture simple while putting the wall to good use by implementing multi-functional, elegant shelves or using paintings and art on a glass panel to give the room more character.

The kid room sees an exquisite and efficient use of space, turning the gap under the elevated bed into a studying area while the white stair boxes provide plenty of storage. Utilizing the remaining space next to it is a well-organized set of studying desk and shelves. The main bedroom definitely shines here as the unique use of lighting under the bed base creates that spark and a sense of elegance. 

Location Cikarang
City Bekasi
Property Type Apartemen
Area Size 0 sqm
Design Style Modern
Architect / Designer
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