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DDAP Architect is an architecture consultant based in Bali. Focusing to architecture and master plan projects. Aside from that, DDAP also active participating in national and international design competitions. DDAP Architect’s motto is Create Identity in Diversity.

Create Identity in Diversity

Asia is a culturally rich continent, especially Southeast Asia with thousands islands and diverse ethnic and culture. The diversity is also shaped its own unique architecture and their city patterns. This matter lead to a question. How can we DDAP architect have our identity despite its diversity? One of the method used to solve this issue is Herman Hertzberger’s Warp & Weft theory which stated that each city or region has their own patterns like fabric constructed by weft yarn and warp yarn. The place where we build our environment is part of the fabric with its pattern and texture, So, if design abandons this pattern, it surely can’t be fitted to its pattern and will create chaos. The concept is transcribed by DDAP Architect into a design process, producing an interactive and communicative design with its concept, space, proportion, material, and building mass.  From this on, hopefully DDAP Architect will disclose a design identity, not only shown from the result but also from design process. This approach is a reading the sprit of the place which we also known as “Genius Loci”.

Citrustree Villas Mangosteen

by DDAP Architect

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Positioned on eastern Ubud area, this project takes the industrial design combined with local material, transform it to 16 rooms with rich details on it. Using brick wall and concrete block as a common material but placed it differently, features unique elements on the design. Gears, inner workings, and raw materials are left in plain view and have a beauty all their own. There are three typical rooms; family, deluxe and twin with the joy of simple things, simplest cotton fabric and most basic color with exposed brick walls façade, pipes, unfinished wall and natural wood. Industrial design for residential may out from comfort zone, or might be what guest has been waiting for.

Location Jln Sriwedari no 14, Tegallalang, Ubud
City Ubud
Property Type Vila
Area Size 820 sqm
Design Style Industrial, Retro, Pop Art
Architect / Designer
Dirgantara I Ketut
Made Ari Sandya
Dirgantara i Ketut
Project duration
10 Months
Year of completion