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INSPIRATIO is an Architecture & Interior Design firm established by young architects with substantial experience working on both small and large scale projects, vary from interiors & private residences to public buildings such as corporate offices, restaurants, clinics, hotel, spas, apartment flats and schools. We like to challenge ourselves in finding new design solutions and concepts to the building typology and context, that results in unique form and spaces that is highly engaging the end users. We are excited when our built projects could offer new spatial experience, one that is story-telling, inspiring and relevant to the client needs.

Bio Medika Laboratory

by Inspiratio Indonesia

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A total renovation of the old building in a partial phase so that the laboratory could still function while under construction. To allow the gradual development, the program scheme still follow the old layout system. The idea was to create a big, open single storey reception and lobby area bathed in natural light, sounds of water feature and ponds, surrounded with three storeys of check-up rooms, laboratory and service area.

Location Ciujung, Jakarta
City Jakarta Pusat
Property Type Klinik/Rumah Sakit
Area Size 629 sqm
Design Style Modern, Tropical
Architect / Designer
Project duration
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