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INSPIRATIO is an Architecture & Interior Design firm established by young architects with substantial experience working on both small and large scale projects, vary from interiors & private residences to public buildings such as corporate offices, restaurants, clinics, hotel, spas, apartment flats and schools. We like to challenge ourselves in finding new design solutions and concepts to the building typology and context, that results in unique form and spaces that is highly engaging the end users. We are excited when our built projects could offer new spatial experience, one that is story-telling, inspiring and relevant to the client needs.

Bintaro House

by Inspiratio Indonesia

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This is a renovation project from a typical developer house. The layout and styling is a typical row house even though this particular house located at the corner, and has trapezium plot shape with lovely side garden view. The client asked to revise the layout by injecting new function that could organise ground floor rooms as well to create connection to the shape and the location of the plot land.

The output is an enhanced old house with a transparent new shape, where the side garden becomes a prominent feature that is central to the family activities. Its roof top is also utilised for seating and barbecue area that is accessible from the main bedroom. New materials such as cement tile flooring, bigger window frames, paint and wooden deck are also applied throughout the old house, give it a modern feel to accomodate new activities.

Location Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
City Jakarta Selatan
Property Type Rumah
Area Size 343 sqm
Design Style Modern, Tropical
Architect / Designer
Project duration
Year of completion

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