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Bens House

by GeTs Architects

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Situated in an intense residential area of South Jakarta, Ben House is a three-story 800 m2 house built on a 400 m2 site where every story represents different levels of privacy: the first story as the service area while the next two stories as the semi private and private area.

The dense space requirement within rather a limited site was seen more of a challenge for sense and sequence exploration. The continuous transparency is literally stretched from the very entrance towards the main stairs, drawing the illusion of an open space for one side of the living and dining area, while on the opposite side, natural light and air comes from the outdoor terrace and pool.

On the third floor, all the bedrooms are connected to the family room and study, which act as a communal space with a view of a giant wall of vertical garden – a delicate element to blur the site border and insert a tropical balance into the composition.

Committed to the three-zoned concept, natural stones such as andesite and marble dominate the first floor, bringing an enclosed atmosphere, while moving up to the second floor, vertical aluminium lattice with the hint of glass create a translucent transition against the massive façade.

full idea of opposite clarity and lightness were finally expressed by the wooden glass box and a floating patterned metal sheet, adding an eclectic mood for the entire house.

Location Jakarta Selatan
City Jakarta Selatan
Property Type Landed House
Area Size 800 sqm
Design Style Contemporary, Eclectic, Tropical
Architect / Designer
Gerard Tambunan & Rudy Kelana
PT Dimigo Pratama
Fernando Gomulya
Project duration
2 years
Year of completion

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