PT. Pesamuan Keramik Seni

Jalan Danau Paso No. 20, Sanur 80228 - Bali








Ceramic materials are something not always possible to exert total control over. It is the product of a combination of water, earth & fire, with the end result depending on both the hand & the very nature of the elements. Philip Lakeman Ceramic experiments extensively with the aesthetic & material qualities of these elements, with the view to creating not just a product but an authentic work of art.

Philip Lakeman Ceramic showcases the design & production of traditional tile making using a unique sand casting technique where each tile finished by hand-decorating & glazing. Whether it be the intricate textures of our Deco tiles or the vibrant surfaces applied to our Urban tile collection, you are assured of a unique & exciting journey into the world of ceramic art. Our unique technology combined with handcrafted details sets Philip Lakeman Ceramic apart from other studios. Our products deliver a warm & refreshing statement, inspired by the harmony of natural colours & surfaces.

It is our aim to be at the cutting edge of technical & aesthetic innovation in ceramics by studying the materials & production methods that will enable us to always be a reference point for our clientele.