PT. Mapei Indonesia Construction Products

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Founded in Milan in 1937, MAPEI celebrates its 80th Anniversary in 2017. For these 8 decades, we have been helping to improve quality of life through research and development focusing on eco-sustainable products for construction.

MAPEI is today the world leading producer of adhesives and complementary products for the fixing of all types of floor and wall coverings. In addition, the company is specialized in a wide range of chemical building products.

More than 5,000 products are available making MAPEI THE BUILDERS’ PARTNER WORLDWIDE. Briefly, products and solutions can be categorised under 16 lines as follows:

·         Products for ceramics and stone materials

·         Products for resilient, LVT, textile materials and sports flooring

·         Products for wooden flooring

·         Products for cementitious and resin flooring

·         Products for acoustic insulation

·         Products for building

·         Admixtures for concrete

·         Products for structural strengthening

·         Products for the repair of masonry

·         Products for thermal insulation

·         Wall Protective and decorative coatings

·         Products for waterproofing

·         Products for underground constructions

·         Elastic sealants and adhesives

·         Products for the marine industry

·         Cement additives

Mapei has built their strategy following three main directions:

* Specialisation: Mapei offers a wide range of special, technologically-advanced building products and systems.

* Research & Development: Annually, Mapei invests about 5% of total turnover and 12% of their employees in R&D. Most expenditures are devoted to eco-sustainable products. We are fully committed to working and operating with the utmost respect for ethical practices combined with a strong responsibility to health, safety, social and environmental needs of our global community.

In November 2015, Mapei has signed up for a grant of 45 million euros from the European Investment Bank (BEI) to help fund Research & Development activities in Europe. The grant is for a period of 6 years and will be used by Mapei SpA to help fund all their main research projects in Europe over the next five years.

* Globalisation: since the 1960s, Mapei has advocated for globalisation to be closer to local requirements and to maximise logistics efficiency.

Mapei has developed a technical-commercial network in major parts of the world. The Group now counts 81 companies operating in 5 continents and 20 research laboratories of which 6 are in Asia Pacific (Australia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore). Mapei Group’s annual turnover in 2016 is about 2.4 billion euros. Total number of Mapei Group employees is 9,000.

In Indonesia, MAPEI has made its presence felt since 2015 when PT. Mapei Indonesia Construction Products was constituted in Jakarta.

Production facilities began from 2016 on factory in Cikarang. In Indonesia, Mapei’s ambition is to have renown as the one-stop partner for construction needs from start to finish in Indonesia.

Presently, Singapore is the regional base for the Management of MAPEI Group in the Asia-Pacific. There are Mapei companies in 11 countries with plants in Korea, China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and trading subsidiaries in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Philippines. We are confident that Mapei will be in step with Asia Pacific’s growth and development.