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Jl. Cipedes Tengah No.98n, Bandung

VGI House located Jakarta. Modern Industrial.

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Hikari House is a residential project located in Bandung, Indonesia. In a house where people lives and grow, layout plays a significant part in the design of a residential house, which speaks about the connection and synergy between public, private and service areas.

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Pelatihan Bulutangkis Mutiara or P.B Mutiara is a Badminton Training Center with 16 badminton courts, 4 storey athlete dormitory and a spacious canteen.

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Contemporary Tropical House Design

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2 houses being designed as one building with 2 families live there. Manageable means that the building must response to the owner's wishes, and hence it has a hierarchical room programming according to the public, semi-privat and privat areas. The courtyard is meant as a public area as well as an intermediary between the houses, also to allow maximum natural light and air into each house while the terrace becomes an intermediation between public and semi-privat areas, being main characteristic of a tropical house. Having a limitation of void as a green open space, the concept of green wall is applied.

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