Green Lake City, Rukan CBD, M-39

The concept of an executive meeting lounge is to accommodate the needs of discussions, meetings, ideas exchange in a more flexible space, but elegant style. In the lounge area, we can choose where to sit, there are groups of sofas, chairs and desks, even a row of chairs and a long working desk. With the sort of self-service pantry, we can serve ourselves drinks and snacks. In this lounge area, a small meeting may also occur which does not require a closed room. From the lounge area, we can go to a small Meeting Room, two Board Rooms and a Conference Room which can be opened so that it blends with the lounge area.



Baseline color of this meeting lounge tends to be monochromatic shades, grey and black shades on the carpet, combined with light grey and black fabric on sofa lounge and its pillows. We put some bright color on the seating fabric, lime green, bright yellow, light and bright blue. Those bright colors among the grey tones could energizes the atmosphere in this meeting lounge which would be good impact for productivity during discussions. 

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Considering both interior and coffee passion, our concept is timeless homey space inspired by the mid-century color palette. At that time, the industrial production of wooden laminate sheet was rising, its color was usually the natural teak wood with warm brown shade. The invention of color in industrial product was also various and bright, from yellow to beach tosca. We apply those spirit in this small 3 m x 5 m coffee shop to tickle our memory on interior and furniture design timeline from 1930’s – 1965’s. At the heart of the space, we maximize the seating area that consists of wall side sofa and some stools, pairing it with a home carpet and hanging lamp to make it a home living room look. And mirror applied at one side of the wall also doubled the feels of the seating space. At the back of this rectangular layout is a pantry spot facing directly to entrance doors of the coffee shop. This layout is a dream for the husband-and-wife team building their first coffee shop with huge welcoming seating area in a minimal space.

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A private residence connects to someone’s contextual memories, of family roots, childhood, or even proximity to the surrounding. This house is located in a family land area, which the owner’s parent is living besides the land site of 10 m x 25 m. This house openings are facing two faces, to the front of 10 m wide which is facing the street. The other is to the side of 25 m wide which is facing their parent’s house. On the ground floor, the house could be accessed from outside through guest seating area’s door, and a door at the long side of the house which brings us to main stairs foyer and dining area. Locating those two entrance points creates flexible circulation to the free plan in the living area. The 1st floor’s function focuses on bedrooms for the family and a private living room which has an elevated roof to insert cross ventilated air and natural light to the entire interior. In the middle of the house, we open a big stairs void to let those natural air and light coming to the ground floor continuously. At the side of elevated roof, we use the roof deck as gardening spot for the family who love to grow their own vegetables in planters. So, the planter system could do as sun shade and temperature filter. 

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Simple and humble landed house in the East Jakarta.


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