PJD Architects (PT Primajati Desindo)

Citylofts Sudirman, no 121, citylofts unit 2502 2505, Jl. Kh. Mas Mansyur, RT.10/RW.11, Karet Tengsin, jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat.

Villa Atman was well planned and executed as a simple design with simple materials.

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The Project was to design 3 houses on a parcel of land that was previously a single home. The narrow frontage each house receives, after being split into 3 cautioned for extra care. The plan was created based on function separating the service and served spaces of the house. Once the required sizes for the two spaces were met, we explored the plan further, playing with the plan to make it a comfortable environment that provided flexibility to its future buyers.

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PJD was the initial planner and concept architect for Aloft Hotel at Jl.Wahid Hasyim. Our scope involved getting the maximum built up area for our clients through the navigation of planning regulations and exceptions, as well as making the building layout, including all zones and service placements. Through the planning process we achieved 180 rooms, 2 cafe/retail spaces (including 1 for the hotel), and a rooftop viewing experience of Jakarta’s CBD skyline. During design development PJD acted as an in-house architect to the client.

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The Concept for this Project came from studying the traditional Balinese house. Consisting of Pavilions in a compound, it was in fact programs arranged in a hierarchy derived from Balinese Hindu religion and its courtyard was akin to circulation and light. The resulting design came from reconstructing the traditional Balinese house, taking the programs contained in its pavilions and stacking them on the “1 Are” site, from here the different pavilion meanings and orientation were adapted to suit and further the client’s needs. The stacked pavilions became 4 vertical masses connected together under one roof.The home has a built up of almost 200-meters square. A millennial home should support and facilitate its owners wants and needs, whether it be for work, leisure, or to tell a story, we hope to have achieved that through the design of theBalinese Millennial compound.

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IBIS Cirebon is the second project by our clients the AMD group. This project took place in parallel with planning and construction of their first hotel project. Thus PJD was involved in creating a concept for the AMD group to tie all their hotels together, creating a personal brand in union with that of their chosen hotel operator.

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