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Bestva Group Clubhouse, our latest clubhouse project in China, gave reference and re-interpreted the spatial elements of traditional Chinese architecture to give an oriental aesthetics and subdued atmosphere to the functions of business and social gathering.

Spatial analogy of Garden / Gate / Hall / Corridor / Room were respectively adopted to define the various functions of Main Entrance / Reception / Passage / Dining / Entertainment Rooms in this private clubhouse. 
Different degree of privacy were provided and manipulated through operable screens.

A minimal material and color scheme were applied, key materials including dark walnut, badge sandstone, silver wall-coverings, pastel colored upholstered furniture and hand-crafted art pieces were strategically selected to complete the modern Chinese luxury experience for the VIPs.

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This is a fine dining restaurant located in a newly opened boutique hotel in Chengdu China that serves Asian fusion food and wine.

The project brief required construction of a new built structure to form extension to the existing building to provide indoor and semi-indoor dining areas for holding different catering functions to the hotel users.

Inspired by traditional landscape painting, an abstracted landscape was created to reflect the nature of the Asian fusion cuisine served. Under the new steel and glass canopy, a secondary envelope in timber was created to form enclosure to the semi-indoor area and connect the original indoor part. The undulated ceiling-cum-wall panels with slot openings allow daylight penetration yet prevent high heat gain to the whole area.

Open-plan seating pattern surrounding mobile buffet tables provide flexibility of layout during breakfast and special events. Full-height glass pivot doors further dissolve the boundary between indoor and outdoor area.

Subtle atmospheric change of the two dining areas was created by transition of key materials from timber to brass.

Landscape-themed local artist works including suspended birds-like feature in white ceramics and LED wall relief in recycle paper were respectively introduced to add artistic flavour to the dining experience.

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DJS is a new jewellery label launched by Chinese Arts & Crafts (HK) Ltd. selling diamond & jade. It is a total branding exercise to offer new retail experience of a jewellery store targeted at middle class customer group in the local competitive market.

The interior & C.I. design strategy adopted was to make use of the common natures / chemical structures & cut shape "facets" of diamond & jade to generate a unique identity for the brand.

To achieve this, the interior design made use of the metaphor of interpreting the retail space as a glowing gemstone to contain the two different types of prestigious merchandises for the customer to explore.

White spatial envelope of glowing alabaster showcase wall units and white marble floor were firstly set up to provide a minimal setting to the space. Symmetrical layout was then adopted to echo the squareness of the site. This was followed by combining the geometrical composition of facets in both aesthetic & functional layers.

White glowing wall units with tilted vertical faces in random angles allow green side facings to be exposed. This subtle addition of accent green depicts the natural beauty of jade's colour and translucency. Rows of floating glazed "showcase squares" with different sizes and heights created rhythm and strong visual attractions for the customers. Small & precious items of diamond & jade displayed on custom-made frosted acrylic display stands were front & back-lit within each showcase and sculptural island unit to give sparkling & translucent beauty respectively.

The interplay of angular language is finally completed with the slanted mirror stainless steel ceiling to give distorted mirror images & further enhanced sculptural quality of the space which projected strong visual impact through the full-height clear glass shop front.

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