Nimara Architects

OFFICE 8 Building, Level 18-A (SCBD), Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.52-53, Jakarta Selatan 12190

Tower apartment design by Nimara Architects, with the theme of woven. Designing a building is like designing a brand for the company. We try to design a high rise building with modern style, luxurious, and stylish, through an attractive building mass composition and only two colors, with white (abstract, exclusive, effortless) and brown (wood, earth tone) - to contrast with the environment. So the building has a strong character and has a unique selling point.

Bekasi   |   4 Photos

This project has a very personal space needs and the availability of sufficient land, it provides flexibility in managing the space zone being split, so that the façade of the building which was created as a face resembling 2 twins.

PURI INDAH   |   4 Photos

Simple modern tropical white box house with trees surrounded.

Cilandak   |   10 Photos

Keterbatasan lahan yang hanya 90m2 memaksa rumah ini tumbuh hingga 3 lantai, dengan luas total bangunan 150m2. Optimalisasi terjadi di kedua sisi dinding pagar yang berbatasan dengan tetangga masih memiliki jarak bebas masing-masing 1 meter dan GSB 3 meter, sehingga bangunan berada di tengah. Publik & servis di lantai dasar (+ carport), zona anak di lantai 2 (for 3 kids + 1 bathroom), serta master bedroom di lantai 3 (include walk in closet, master bathroom view to private outdoor garden, & roof garden). Area master ini memiliki view kota 180°.

Kemayoran, Jakarta   |   13 Photos