Ndy Architect

Jl. Angke Jaya 13 No.8

The idea is to combine client hobbies of traveling and collecting chinese things especially Ming Dinasty things.

Combine the dining area,lounge, pantry and bar, & the living room on one space of the penthouse

Covering the round stairs with bamboo,but at last we change the structure of the bamboo into the hollow steel one,because of mistaken the bamboo character

Four Season Apartment Jakarta   |   12 Photos

This project is colaboration with Hongkong Interior Designer.

The concept is combination classic style with contemporer asian style, using wood panel with bronze miror for the wall panel.

And for the furniture we are using combination of gold metal, clear glass, white marble and some etnic fabric collection.

We are using some persian rugs too on the top or wood parquet to make the lounge become more cozy like home for the client.

All Season Hotel Thamrin   |   8 Photos