MVMNT Architect

Gandapura, Bandung

Musician couple Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed launched their culinary business by setting up Just Cake brand in Pekanbaru.

This culinary business providing new colors in Indonesian Culinary and also took part of being Pekanbaru new souvenirs that can be remembered by their People especially and their visitor generally.

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SOHO The Hive are characterized by open structures and beautiful volumes with high ceilings which also meet all the requirements of a modern office building comfort. 
This building develops the sense of proportion, materials, textures, warmth and an accurate eye for detail in all their projects. 
The main objective is to approach interiors and architecture through simplicity, peace, harmony, serenity, clarity, sensuality and undeniably luxurious taste and refinement in detail. 
The open spaces in the roof are filled with giant inflatable cushions on an as-needed basis to provide relief from the elements.

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With minimalistic style unique to Jogjakarta and modern architecture blended together, Mamahke Jogja presents new concepts into the realms of culinary souvenirs of Jogja. With various signs put into the architecture of Mamahke Jogja, signifying the hope that Mamahke Jogja will provide for everyone, locals and foreigners alike.

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The School emphasizes vernacular architecture within traditional urbanism; principles that encourage community, harmony with nature and economy of resources and energy. 
The uniformity of schoolhouse architecture masked the inequality within them. This school is built with ergonomical design, intended to make everybody, from every walks of life with no exception, able to learn anything they wish.

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Retail design in Cirebon, Indonesia

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Design for Makuta Retail in Bandung

Van Deventer, Bandung   |   4 Photos

Modern futuristic design for MD Clinic in Bandung

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